Tuesday, February 20, 2018

An Appeal: #SteveforWashington

This dude 👌 #SteveforWashington

I think Steve Lee should run for #Congress in #2020 and here's why the #industry at large should be incredibly supportive.

Steve R Lee is an #inspiration and an outstanding #entrepreneur role model. He and the amazing Jessy Lee are #aboutthatlife of good business, great values, and support for #artists and #smallbusiness owners all over the world, but especially in the cannabis industry. They own Green2Go 21+,  Green2Go Tokio 21+, and Prohibition Glass

Steve is committed to local #growth and ensuring the #voice of business owners like himself are heard - he's done this by starting his #political career as the first #cannabis business owner #elected to office EVER!  He successfully ran for City Council in #kennewickwa and was immediately made #mayorprotem. His political colleagues trusted him from the start. His business partners know his #provensuccess. And he's #headyaf #cooldefined while full of grace and #kindness

Sorry if this is a bit much Steve 😂 please, run 👌 #SteveforWashington 💚

Pilgrimage to 52nd St. Glass

After CannaCon 2018, my wife and I had dinner and Pilgrimage to 52nd St. Glass with @stevethegrownup and @mrsjessylee, owners of Prohibition Glass in Kennewick, WA. They're regular customers, to the point where some of the headiest stuff was on hold for them -
like the dank Supreme NY x Louis Vuitton lighter and the Goyard torch with Steve's name on it.

The art below is from a huge variety of artists, too many to fully list. Hope you enjoy.

52nd St Glass

Friday, December 1, 2017

Response to WSLCB Homegrow Recommendations to Washington Legislature

Here's some #realtalk breakdown of the #WSLCB recommendation on #homegrow today.

While the report has a ton of interesting information gathered during the process of reporting, it is pretty much flat, and leaves me highly dissatisfied with the LCB, for ignoring the voice of 60% of respondents. Read and watch on.

LCB started with 3 options for homegrow.
1 - highly regulated, permit, tracked homegrow overseen by state
2 - highly regulated, permit, tracked homegrow overseen by local
3 - no homegrow
There's very little flexibility in there.  However, they took input from the public.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017