Wednesday, August 26, 2015

the Aging Ent's Tastings Podcast - Party Podcast Episode 2 Part 2

The night was long and we split it into two episodes.  This is the second part of that excellent session.

Here a slightly different view of what all was on the table during recording.

That's so much pot and paraphernalia!

We had some phenomenal Shining Silver Haze snap and pull by Dab Dudes, and wow, does this smell and taste great.

Along with dabs,  I did a full review of the Chocolate Chunk we smoked, and we also smoked many other flowers during Episode 2, and had a Pre-roll of Grunk.

Because I was Smokin' Silly with Skyler, we also did several insane dabs, including stacking Ghost Train Ecto wax with the caramel-looking Shining Silver Haze and Lemon Sour Diesel kief.

Holy. Shit.

Hope you enjoy listening to the podcast, the first part of the night is documented in Episode 2.

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