Monday, August 24, 2015

the Aging Ent's Tastings Podcast: Party Podcast Episode 2 Part 1

Recording this second episode of the podcast was a blast.  The night was long and we split it into two episodes.  This is the first part of that excellent session.

Here's what all was on the table during recording.

That's quite a bit of pot and paraphernalia!

We introduced a new fun dab rig to the group, the Siren's High.

We tried out an oral-use cannabis concentrate oil by Dama.  The standard dose is 0.025 grams and both hosts ate about 0.05 (double dose) and then dabs, because Skylar begged to differ.

All of the flower we had was very remarkable.  I did a full review of Purple Arrow by Rogue Raven Farms and Animal Cookies by PhatPanda.  While it didn't get a full review, Lemon Sour Diesel by Twisted Sisters Gardens was also outstanding - and so photogenic.

Hope you enjoy listening to the Podcast.  The rest of the night is documented in Episode 3.

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