Saturday, September 19, 2015

10 Minute Strain Review: Alaskan Thunder Fuck - Master Grower Dan MC

Brand: Master Grower Dan MC
Strain: Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Potency Analysis: Unknown

Cost: $0 - received as gift
Source: Personal medical garden

Harvested: 08/15/2015
Smoked: 09/16/2015

Packaging: None

I feel honored.  I felt so honored I had to do a post and a podcast.

This flower is amazing.  It's a heritage strain from an amazing grower.  The Master Grower has been growing for decades, learning at his father's side. He told me whenever he's questioned about growing up growing marijuana, he asks a simple question, "What does a pumpkin farmer teach his son to grow?"  I for one am glad his father wasn't a pumpkin farmer, that's for sure.

The flower smells very bright and clean.  The crystals everywhere sing their sharp and bubbly smell.  This marijuana has potent, smooth diesel and pungent smells all over.  This is for real.  It smells wild and thick - like something carnivorous.

This is sticky icky.  It was easy to break down even so and had a good consistency.  The dark orange hairs ended up all over the place when I was breaking this down, and there was a tangible amount.

The inhale on this is was very clean and floral.  Robust floral and bright notes throughout the entire palate. Lavender and violet dominated, and the vegetative, wild, musk flavors were just hints on the edges.  The flavor was phenomenal.

The smoke was light without being weak.  I coughed a ton while taking big hits, but normal sized hits were almost delicate and the floral flavor was everywhere throughout.

Getting high on this was a Sativa experience.  It was incredibly cerebral.  I was driven, uplifted as could be.  My mood soared and I was so full of positive feelings and ambitious courage.  I wanted to solve things. I was energized and my body felt great! Super positive attitude.

The comedown was sharply defined from high to not high.  It wasn't a tough transition or a bad one, it was just abrupt.  It brought a ton of hunger with it too.  Serious munchies at the end.

Thanks for not mentioning the oddity with this post.

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