Friday, September 18, 2015

10 Minute Strain Review: Middle Fork - Topshelf

Brand: Topshelf
Strain: Middle Fork
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 26.63% THC 24.01% CBD 0.09% CBG 2.47%

Cost: $15/gram
Store: Freedom Market in Kelso, WA

Harvested: 08/04/2015
Smoked: 9/16/2015

Packaging: 4.5" x 3" printed clear plastic rip-top zip-top bag


  1. Middle Fork* is one of my Top Five Faves. Yes to longer podcasts with guests from the industry! Behind-the-scenes information is always interesting. Growers, processors, etc...a front row seat to their ups and downs - I'll be there with popcorn. How do the budtenders from medical feel about the lack of standards in hiring for rec? (I got an earful from a budtender about that issue). Especially as more shops open up and competition gets more fierce.

    * Had some White Fire (Emerald Jane's) the other day that gave Middle Fork some competition.

    1. I might need to get ahold of some White Fire that sounds great!
      Tomorrow, likely, I'll be posting one of the pilot episodes of the new format - though still very similar to the "Party Podcast" format. It doesn't quite fit the format I want it to be but further episodes should be more aligned with that vision. It's a work in progress for sure!

      Thanks for the support!