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Lucid in Lacey, WA - Recreational *UPDATED*

Retailer: Lucid
Location: Lacey, WA
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Visited: 09/28/2015 9:30 PM
01/05/2016 9:00 PM

Lowest-cost: $10 grams - $6 pre-rolls

Budtenders: Tina - upbeat, talkative, once a regular customer
Hannah - smiling, happy, efficient

Overall: Likely not to return, Would not recommend. Return and recommend!
Highlights: Pretty lights.  Open until 11.  Tiny Huge selection of marijuana.  No Many concentrates.

After a revisit, I have updated this review significant! You can see clearly what was removed and what was added.

Lucid was one of the first operating legal, recreational marijuana stores. The store is in a strip mall with ample parking all over.  ADA access is solid with accessible parking right out the front door.

Entering the store, there's a ton of displays, everything looks high-end, merchandise is everywhere, and the walls are just full of flashing, awesome LED lighted displays everywhere.

To the left are quite a few merchandise displays, and to the right is a big wall of displays as well. Right inside the door is a completely useless little kiosk that looks like it was designed for ID checking. I say it's useless because on all my visits, I've never seen anyone standing at it.  I didn't even take a picture.

The dark wood floors gleam and are clearly cleaned meticulously. All the wood tables and glass is clean and mostly free of smudges and mess. Around the store, however, the merchandise has generally all got a veneer of dust on it and there are some sad looking houseplants up high in a couple spots.  All those bright red, orange, and black bongs you see in these pictures are silicone, with suction cup bottoms. Those are pretty interesting, and seem good for not breaking!

Right next to the door is a couch and not one but two ATMs! It looks nice.

Front and center of the door is the main counter, where the marijuana is kept. We'll get there in a moment, though.

Walking around the store, these massive display cases mostly house hardware.  There's lots of hardware here, a wide array of different smoking, grinding, and storage implements. They have a variety of cool dab rigs, lots of choice glass, and even some Tommy Chong branded all aluminum grinders!

While walking around the displays, the big table displays in the middle hold even more glass, metal and other associated paraphernalia.

There was even a display table with edibles! I finally found the marijuana-infused products in this store! Everything here is pretty standard and delicious. Silica-Phoenix chocolates, the Magic Kitchen caramels, UHI? peanut butter brittle, Fairwinds tinctures, Spot chocolates - everything you generally expect as far as delicious #WAPot edibles.

While they're about $1 cheaper on most lower-shelf edibles ($9 instead of $10 for UHI? and individual chocolate truffles), everything else is slightly marked up by $2-5.  Craft Elixirs that are $35 everywhere are marked $40 here, similarly with 5-pack Silica-Phoenix chocolates and Magic Kitchen caramels - $5 per package markup above all their competitors.

While checking prices, I found a pretty cool, somewhat unique menu here - Online menus via on stationary tablets. This is pretty cool - without having to interact with any of the staff here, you can search on this little kiosk for what's on the menu. It's a great tool to shop and see what's in stock.

I walked up to the main counter, finally heading toward the main show, the marijuana! As you approach this counter, it's very weird because basically there's nothing on display. I'm used to walls of marijuana, and shelves full of product. Here, everything is under the glass, and it's a very small spread. You don't really see their product until you're standing right over it. The guy in the picture below would've been in the budtender spotlight but he ran in back right as I came in and only came out as I was leaving, and I forced him into the photo-op.

I tried so very hard to get great pictures of these interesting displays. Just like trying to see inside of them in person, it was almost impossible to get any view that isn't full of glare from the overhead lighting. The best view I got was when a budtender was helping a customer pick his marijuana. The customer gave me his permission to use his image after I shot this. Thanks dude!

You can see there are just a few strains from a handful of growers in the display above, and the other displays were similarly scanty of actual marijuana.  I believe I saw a total of 7 brands represented across maybe 20 strains, including the prerolls that are to the right of this picture. Now, that being said, they had awesome brands and great pot. I was not disappointed by any of the product I got here, they stock Artizen, PhatPanda, and a few other widely-known brands that I personally really enjoy. It's just such a tiny selection for such a huge store.

I saw at least a dozen brands including Tommy Chong marijuana, pricing ranging from top shelf product at $15 a gram, to a wide variety of $10 sun grown flowers that were magnificent.

The display in the background in the above view is concentrates - but they did not have a single concentrate in stock that wasn't oil in a cartridge - and priced higher than competitors. It wasn't even the top-end stuff that was marked up. I saw a $55 0.5 gram cartridge with just under 50% cannabinoids and $120 1 gram cartridges. It's shocking to see that price - no matter how good - and the selection was very small.

The dabs this visit were great. Not only did I get a $30 gram of some delicious Dab Dudes Frank Sinatra, they had a deal for just $20 on a daisy style quartz nail (I think I got the last one!) There were at least a dozen varieties of dabs, ranging from $25 grams to $90 grams (yes, $90!)

I was guided through this small selection, for this visit, by two different budtenders. Both were wonderful, kind, and nice. They worked together sometimes and separated to help other customers pretty seamlessly while I was here taking their attention in this review. It was good teamwork, for sure, and demonstrated an awareness to incoming customers.

Tina started out as a regular customer. She's personable and upbeat. She told me all about her love of sativa, and we agreed Cinex is one of the best sativa strains period. Tina mentioned how it keeps her energized and she really enjoys it - sadly there was no Cinex in stock or I would've picked some up!

Hannah, meanwhile, is all about that indica. She shared with me that she had never really smoked a straight sativa, although she'd been on a few gentle hybrids. She mentioned Purple Trainwreck - also sadly not in stock - that she smoked to mellow out but it kept her awake for like 4 hours, and she stopped smoking even hybrids at that point. We talked about how indicas calm your nerves and can help with anxiety.

Both of these employees were upbeat, intent to deliver good customer service, and overall seemed to like their jobs.  Now, Hannah and Tina, or anyone else reading this, don't think I'm mean in saying this next little part. I say it with all the love.

Lucid has happy cashiers, and definitely does not have budtenders. I've been inside many operations, and the staff of this place could very well be in a gas station, or clothing store, or any other type of retail setting and it wouldn't be any different in any appreciable way. Their style, approach, and execution is decidedly "retail with product for sale" and not dedicated to legal, recreational marijuana.

I've visited Lucid more than almost any other marijuana store that isn't my 3-blocks-away local. No marijuana store has gotten as many visits from me as Lucid has. All the various times I've come in, I received very poor descriptions of the effects of marijuana from every single staff member. "It got me hella high" or "it was good" isn't enough. It's not even scratching the surface. No one gave me a good, clear, descriptive explanation of any flavor profile either. I want this place to be awesome and it just isn't.

It was not on this visit that I executed the review, but for one product in particular that I bought, one budtender told me that Sweet Baby Jane was a top-shelf skunky Sativa that kept her going for hours. Another time, that same budtender told me it was Indica but it was "dirt-weed". On that particular visit, yet another budtender chimed in to explain "Oh we only even have it on the shelf as a favor to the grower". That's nonsense, and it's just the opposite of the kind of thing a customer wants to hear in a place that's upcharging on the premise of premium. I lost what remained of my respect at that.

Overall, my visit to Lucid was pretty underwhelming. I got information that, while delivered from very upbeat, happy employees, wasn't very useful or very good. To some degree, it's marijuana and it sells itself. Sure. With all the competition that exists now and is coming in the next year, anyone who believes that and runs a marijuana store isn't going to be competing for long.

On a follow up visit, also a late night visit, to get Tommy Chong marijuana, I had an exceptional experience. It was great to see the serious increase in knowledge, attention, and respect for the product by this team.

The place got jam packed with at least 4 groups of customers at one point. Everyone came from the back to help customers, everyone was treated kindly. I heard lots of great recommendations that sounded spot on for effect and flavor.

It was a couple minutes before I was greeted, but I also didn't walk up and try to talk to anyone. Throughout that time, an engaged conversation was going on between several staff members. It sounded like a fun time, I don't know what was going on. It's ok though, because the second I turned and faced the counter I was welcomed.

I know I won't recommend anyone to visit Lucid, unless it's because they're open til 11. There are just better selections for better prices with more experienced staff available.

I've changed my mind, and will definitely recommend and refer people here. They're open until 11. They have increased their selection and variety and the staff have clearly developed their skills. The opportunities with shopping here still exist. I could barely see the marijuana I was buying because of the lighting here, but the quality and selection, along with pricing, are worth that minor setback.

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