Monday, October 5, 2015

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 2 - Master Grower Dan MC

This episode of the Marijuana Encyclopedia I smoke 3 amazing varieties of marijuana with veteran Master Grower Dan MC, who currently works as one of two MGs at the Green Vault.

Anything that sounds like it may not be legal is in fact fiction designed only to entertain.

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Brand: MG Dan MC
Strain: Heritage Northern


We reviewed this Northern Pie in the Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 1. Ryan was working when we recorded Episode 2 - which we did in between conflicting, demanding schedules.  He was sad that he missed out on this episode. He'll be back in the co-host's seat on the Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 3.

Brand: MG Dan MC
Strain: Northern Pie™
Balanced Hybrid

Here's an aged Northern Pie analytic. Dan said he'll have this updated relatively soon, and he's improved on this in the generations since.

Dan's Alaskan Thunder Fuck was the first (and so far only) strain that got a full written review and a 10 Minute Strain Review Podcast episode.

Brand: MG Dan MC
Strain: Heritage Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Here's that little purple nodule.  Someone's getting a heritage ATF added to their garden (not me).


Here's the bowl I got all loud about.  I was deep under a light taking macro photos when this popped under my super-bright light and into my focus not two inches from my eyeballs.  You'd have freaked out too.

After this, I went inside my house after my guests left and I proceeded to eat all the things. I went into cabinets and emptied drawers in the fridge. I dug in the deep-freeze for some snackage and then found my way into the granola bars.  Dan was not joking about the deep Northern he started me on and the super-munchies. I ate until I fell asleep to a long weed-nap on the couch.


  1. Always love checking out other people's casts!

    1. Thanks! Glad you visited. Swing by for more, new reviews virtually daily.