Saturday, November 21, 2015

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 3

This episode of the Marijuana Encyclopedia is a bit different than others. The familiar two-man smoke and talk is bookended by a couple of brief solo segments.

The centerpiece of this episode was really going to be a brief sit down and smoke sesh, to plan our next few weeks of work. We didn't even have our standard basic equipment for this, but it was a great time!

I apologize in advance for the lighting. I'm working on solving this. I'll be the first to say I am a rank novice and have low-en gear. One day I'll be professional and have the best gear.

It turned into a variety of kind marijuana being smoked, reviewed, and discussed. Our conversation touched on many facets of legal marijuana, and we raised some questions that we'll hopefully answer in later episodes.

Make sure to click below for pictures and so much more!

I started out with a conversation about the Green Vault, who I've reviewed and revisited - which included their Harvest Party. I'm going to be clear - I'm just an enthusiast, I'm not a commercial.

There can never be enough conversation about legalizing marijuana and how we can improve the implementation of legalization of recreational marijuana in all ways.

Then, co-host Ryan showed up. Just before recording, we smoked some of a favorite strain - Northern Pie, this time grown by someone other than it's originator. We've smoked this before on the first and second episodes of the Marijuana Encyclopedia. It's so great it's been here each time.

This harvest had more a general citrus overtone than the precise grapefruit flavor I expect from the strain. Still a delicious strain and a great way to get the party moving.  Right before that, we smoked the tops of some outdoor medical Girl Scout Cookies, and a bit of Jose's Limon Diesel.

The mic got hot right as we fired up some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. We don't know for sure what brand this was - Ryan committed a deep sin and threw away packaging when he jarred up his kind buds.

Brand: Unknown
Strain: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Balanced Hybrid

Cost: $16/gram
Store: The Freedom Market in Longview, WA


Ryan wasn't going to smoke this. He explains how he's covetous of this. This was a delicious fuzzy crystal white. Again, no idea what brand this was.

Brand: Unknown
Strain: Raspberry Kush

Cost: $16/gram
Store: The Freedom Market in Longview, WA


We talked about using the site as a reference over Leafly. has recently become an partner. I'm going to use for each review - there's a big backlog, I have Gold Leaf reviews for 50 strains of marijuana and 12 different marijuana retailers.


We smoked a Prohibition Brands Orange Lion Bourbon Barrel Cured joint in Episode 1. I want to try each of them.

Brand: Prohibition Brands
Strain: Blue Lion Cabernet Barrel Cured Joint
Hybrid Blend

Potency Analysis: TTL 19.1% THC 19.1% CBD .37% THCA 18.11%

Cost: $15/0.5 gram conical pre-rolled joint
Store: Dockside Cannabis in SODO Seattle, WA

Harvested: 10/16/2014, 02/13/2015, 06/22/2015
Smoked: 11/13/2015

Packaging: 3.75" x 0.75" translucent blue plastic tube in 6" x 3" clear plastic sleeve with cardboard


We finished up the night with a deep, rough indica Afgooey.

Brand: Unknown
Strain: Afgooey
Indica-dominant Hybrid

This was a great way to cap our smoke session.

I then wrapped up with another brief segment about legal marijuana.

Got ideas about the format? Want to hear a review of a particular strain or see a review of a brand? Do you want to be featured or come help out with the show? Leave a comment below.

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