Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 6 - Aaron Grady

This episode of the Marijuana Encyclopedia is special for a couple of reasons. For one, we've got our second guest - Aaron Grady. He's a Medical Marijuana grower and patient, as well as being Lead Gardener at the Green Vault. His background and experiences are unique.

Secondly, this is the first time we'll be reviewing medical marijuana on the podcast. To this point, it's been strictly legal, recreational marijuana. This came from two different medical gardens and two different medical stores. One product on the table tonight is a retail recreational marijuana.

Less than 40 minutes in, we were starting to tear down the fallacies surrounding the generally accepted history of humanity. I will openly admit to being wrong - there were at least 10 children born in West Antarctica. Find out more on wikipedia. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

We spoke a bit about transcending the boundaries of consciousness with LSD, and Terence McKenna was brought up by Aaron. You should check him out, he was very interesting. His theories on time are meaningful.

I want to thank Aaron for coming out, it was great. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I also want to thank his wife Nicole who suffered the cold of my garage studio for a long time - your patience is remarkable.

Be sure to click read more for all the NugPorn! There's so much beautiful marijuana in this show!

Much of our marijuana product came from Aaron's personal medical garden. He brought flower, bubble hash, and a heat pressed hash - all from Northern Lights #1 which comes from the heritage of Dan MC's original genetics.

That's right, I said. Northern Lights #1 and original genetics. This is as legit as it gets, with 30+ year heritage. Listen all about it in Episode 2.

We also have two awesome sativa flowers from the garden of medical marijuana provider Richard. Thanks for the gorgeous, delicious marijuana, friend! Come visit some time soon.

First we enjoyed the Toxic Punch. So sour and smiley.

We followed that up with what at first seemed to be somewhat similar looking, and more citrusy Mint Chocolate Chip from Richard's medical garden.

We dropped some Northern Lights heat pressed hash on top of more Northern Lights bud. This stuff was just a side note, but it was incredibly smooth and went right to my head. It's also unique.

We had some really great dabs on the table too.

First we had the only legal recreational marijuana that was around for the episode - the Green Vault's Pineapple Express rosin. We smoked the flower on Episode 4 and it was dank. This is the purest extract because it's solventless.

Next, we had some medical grade Stephen Hawking CBD BHO. You can see the significant difference between medical and recreational labeling - if there is any. Clearly Aaron's first instinct was to slap his dab device right in the center of the slab. It turned out cool looking.

After that we had a bit of 'no name' mixed medical BHO - it was relatively good but overall unremarkable when compared to the super premium marijuana we'd smoked to this point.

To end the night, we had more Northern Lights! This time it was the bubble hash on the some more flower. This is something Aaron just 'threw together' he says, of a weekday morning.

We only smoked a bit of this, and were already incredibly fucked up at this point.

It's a goddamn 8 inch tall jar. I deeply regret not grabbing a jar of this awesome bubble hash. I can't complain though because Aaron did leave me a big fat joint worth of marijuana on the table - knowing as a listener that I will gladly scrape the table after an episode!

Here's a view of this episode's table, hope you enjoyed!

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