Wednesday, February 17, 2016

10 Minute Strain Review: Lodi Dodi - Golden Tree Productions

Brand: Golden Tree Productions
Strain: Lodi Dodi
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 23.47% THC 22.03% CBD 0.05%

Cost: $10/gram
Store: LocalAmster in Longview, WA

Harvested: 11/06/2015
Smoked: 02/14/2016

Packaging: 4" x 4" clear plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag


  1. Had I known this was a VALENTINE'S day podcast I would have gotten to this sooner. I gave my sativa-loving significant other Lodi Dodi for Valentine's, although ours is grown by Bud Brothers. From your descriptions it is very similar. I'll say this about legal weed - it sure makes buying gifts for The Boyfriend insanely easy. He bought me, the indica lover, Aurum OG. And I just had to get some Berry White for him as well. I was sure you'd mention Berry White at the end of all that talk of berries and berry flavor. My head probably would have exploded if you had!

    Forgive me for already forgetting your wife's name, but I say include her on a regular basis. Definitely a place for the stoner couple in the world of blogs, YouTube etc... The podcast was like a double date!

    1. Are you serious? You gave him Lodi Dodi? Mind=blown! That's amazing. We have a soft spot for Berry White too, my wife's a fan of Barry White, and me, well...

      My wife Nicole and I generally get cool things for each other (picked out by ourselves) around the capitalism/Hallmark holidays (mostly because I'm a grinch). I got a few pieces of glass and she got a new camera.

      We'll definitely think about a show with the two of us together - I totally appreciate your feedback!

  2. Oh you identify as a Grinch, eh? I sense similar couple dynamics here. I often tell people The Boyfriend is the type who easily admits to being an asshole when required - but I am quick to add "But he's MY asshole". He prefers buying things himself, so I am more likely to come home from a day of errands to say: "I saw a thing I thought you might like - my gift to you is the fact I didn't buy it and am just telling you about it". And he totally identified with your story of how the budtender was patient with you as a fussy customer or whatever term you used I forgot already. WOE is the retail worker who has to deal with The Boyfriend and doesn't bring their A Game.

    1. That's amazing. It's true here too. I'm working on it though - trying to be way calmer cooler and more in tune with the universe.