Friday, February 5, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 7 - Aftershow

This episode of the Marijuana Encyclopedia Aftershow started out with co-host Ryan bailing before the party got more wild than he could handle. I was stoned out of my gourd, about to take a dab, talking to Rootworx COO Ryan Galford.
Seriously, during the show itself, we seriously consumed. I had smoked a huge amount of marijuana to this point, all of it premium and all of it from Rootworx or the Green Vault - two of the all around best names in legal, recreational marijuana. I was already blazed when this starts, then I did a dab 

At the end, I took Ryan to my favorite local bar, Downtown Chehalis' own Sabra's Place. He treated me to a delicious philly cheesesteak and he had a burger, with tots and fries respectively. It was awesome, and delicious as always. Seriously though, go eat and drink there: two fat guys ate and we were either drunk or stoned. The bill was like $25 with a decent tip.

I also did a more complete and full review of the amazing Grapestomper BHO that he brought along. You'll hear the exceptional rambling high experience I had after taking a big dab in a too-large quartz nail.

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Brand: Rootworx
Strain: Grapestomper BHO
Balanced Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 75.2% THC 12.1% CBD 0.63% THCA 72.09%

Cost: $30/gram
Store: North Bay Marijuana in Allyn, WA

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