Monday, February 8, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 8 - Aaron Cain Part 1

Aaron Cain overwhelmed me so much. His generosity, his kindness, the compassion in his works, and his perspective. This guy brought so much marijuana. So much.

Don't miss Part 2 and Part 3.

We sat down and were so instantly comfortable with one another. The whole day was spent in this endeavor and the product shows I think. We talked about so many various topics, it's almost impossible to note them all.

One important person we spoke about is Mitzi Vaughn. She is an incredible leader in marijuana. She'll be at Cannacon later this month. From her linked site:
She is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics (CCSE), and the Cannabis Alliance. She is on the Advisory Council of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), the founding committee of the Ad Hoc US Coalition for Global Drug Policy Reform, and the founding board of the National Cannabis Bar Association.

Less than an hour in, I realized we going long and called out that this would be a 2-parter. WRONG. This is going to be a 3-part session. Co-host Ryan Smith was on vacation during this recording, the poor bastard. He missed out for sure!

Aaron works at Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA as budtender and branding maven. I had a great visit there! He works at Big Cloud Vapor on Sunday and runs the Hashslinger Hemp Cookery hosted at - a great source for awesome marijuana recipes with a focus on flexibility and deliciousness and not so much on traditional 'magic' stoner food. He also runs the Heady Nugz blog which I highly recommend you go give a read. And he's getting into the political realm!

Honestly, the generosity he showed when he came over and started laying out products was staggering. His care was amazing, and I feel like I made a life-long friend while sitting down for 5 hours. This was intense. Here's part 1.

Here's a complete list of every product on the table tonight, followed by the brand:

Northwest Salmon Dip - Hashslinger Hemp Cookery recipe, Hash Plant tincture infused
Cannabis Quencher Hibiscus - Evergreen Herbal
Strawberry Mango Haze - Liberty Reach
Tahoe Frostbite - Tiller
Pre-98 Bubba Kush - Tiller
Sour Diesel - Kush Farms
Jack Herer - Cedar Creek
Chem Dawg 91 - Triple Crown
Nectar - Triple Crown
Alien Rift - Northwest Harvesting Co.
Ace of Spades - Triple Crown
Skunk Haze - Triple Crown
Planewreck (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Pearl
Pineapple Express - PUR
707 Headband Live Resin - Seattle's Private Reserve
Suspended - Bare Naked Concentrates Distillate
Hash Plant CO2 Extract - Happy Cat
Hash Plant - Aaron Cain medical self-grow (twin to the one at Happy Cat)
Hash Plant Bubble Hash - Aaron Cain medical self-grow

A few strains were brought that didn't make it into a pipe:

Dirty Girl - the Green Vault
G-Cut - Seattle's Private Reserve
The White - Phat Panda

All the marijuana tonight came from the following legal, recreational marijuana stores:

Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA
Zia in Hoquiam, WA
Sweet Leaf in Aberdeen, WA

Don't miss out - click Read More and see the biggest post here at ever.

The session started out with a delicious infused Northwest Salmon Dip - just in time for Football Day (although we're publishing a bit after). This was well balanced and tasty. The salmon was rich, and the bread from Passport Cafe in Hoquiam, WA was the perfect choice to hold up this delicious spread. This recipe will be featured on the Hashslinger Hemp Cookery at today!

Go check it out!

Brand: Hashslinger Hemp Cookery
Strain: Hash Plant Tincture-infused
Northwest Salmon Dip

Right away, Aaron had some ready-to-go smokeable marijuana, that wasn't intended for the table and for review, but it turns out I've reviewed it anyway! We started out with One Love by Agrijuana - which I've had as flower, supercritical CO2 concentrate, and as a pre-rolled joint.

While a big fatty of that was going around, we really started reviewing the fresh stuff.

Brand: Liberty Reach
Strain: Strawberry Mango Haze
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Store: Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA

Brand: Evergreen Herbal
Strain: Cannabis Quencher Sparkling Hibiscus Drink

Potency Analysis: THC 30mg CBD 30mg per bottle - 10mg each per dose

Store: Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen WA

Brand: Triple Crown
Strain: Nectar
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Store: Cannabis 21

This was the very last run of Happy Cat brand medical extract - they've just recently gone #i502 and are now producing legal, recreational marijuana instead of medical. The labeling requirements are different, so we don't have quite the accurate figure for the potency, but at avg 500mg per gram, that's 50% or so potency. We vaped this on ceramic coils at about 14W.

Brand: Happy Cat
Strain: Hash Plant Medical Extract
Indica-dominant Hybrid
Supercritical CO2 

Brand: Northwest Harvesting Co.
Strain: Alien Rift
Indica-dominant Hybrid

Brand: Triple Crown
Strain: Ace of Spades
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Brand: Aaron Cain medical self-grow
Strain: Hash Plant

As I pulled the top nug from this massive arm of the Hash Plant, here is where we ended the first part - a massive episode in and of itself. I hope you enjoyed.

Visit all those links above, show love to the legal retailers and the black market growers who got us here. You'll see parts 2 and 3 in the near future!

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