Thursday, April 28, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia 16 - Analytics with Rootworx

Right after our 4/20 Special with both our sponsors, Ryan Galford of Rootworx shifted gears along with Plant Manager Anna Kantzer and shared deep results of analytics. They literally came with every analytic result since they started.

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They shared with us an inside view of how a producer/processor deals with analytics, testing companies, labeling of their marijuana, and they shares some truths about their legal cannabis business.

Part 1

Part 2

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I started my rant about analytics and the way it is influencing our friend at Rootworx in my Cherry Magoo review. We first saw this flower the night this podcast was recorded. Our 4/20 Special touched on this volatile topic a bit too, when Ryan became impassioned.  I appreciate him sharing that openly with us.

Rootworx was willing to share the historic results of their flagship Blue Dream strain - which Ryan has been growing for years.

We reference multiple testing labs licensed by the WSLCB of which, there are only 15 such testing facilities, while there are 661 licensed, active producers of legal marijuana in Washington. To sort efficiently, Enable Editing as required, sort column PrivDesc Z-A, then sort column PrivilegeStatus A-Z. If that's gibberish, don't worry about it, and read on!

In this podcast, I make some heavy statements. Accusation, if you want to call it that. I feel comfortable with those statements, based on my interaction with the product and the extreme testing results that were attempted, and the results thereof.

These incredible disparities make it clear that something hanky is going on. For example, the 8% marijuana, into which 40% kief tested at the same lab was injected and still tests at 8%. It's seemingly not possible that this can be accurate. Across several strains, Rootworx is encountering huge fluctuations in results from multiple testing labs.

Either marijuana cannot be reliable tested for cannabinoid content, or the testing laboratories

I also recently had a chance to talk with some of the folks from Steep Hill laboratories. I was at a post-4/20 party given by our friends at Seattle's Private Reserve. The technician I met described, in depth, the methodology used to test cannabis, and his focus was on the time it takes to prepare samples. I'll be sharing more about that in a future episode.

We enjoy several strains throughout this podcast, as well.

Cherry Magoo
Cherry Magoo - Rootworx

Death Star - Rootworx

Grapestomper OG BHO
Last of it's Kind
Grapestomper BHO - Rootworx

Blue Dream Rosin
Blue Dream Rosin - Rootworx

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