Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 15 - 420 Special with Rootworx and Green Barn Farms

This podcast is with our Sponsors and we had an amazing time celebrating legal marijuana and comparing the vast differences between a premium indoor facility run on science and rocket plasmas against a premium sungrown farm run on sunlight and local manure.

Ryan Galfordhomie of the show and COO of Rootworx brought along Anna Kantzer, Plant Manager. That just means she does everything. He also brought me a pretty cool gift to store my weed! My new TMNT Lunchbox!

Also at the table was Stephen Jensen, President of Green Barn Farms. They do magnificent sungrown in conditions that are perfect for plant growth, using super-local soil amendments. He brought a jar full of marijuana products. I can't wait to visit them near this year's havest time.

People and Table
Co-host Aaron is also the Hashslinger at Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA - he made several different infused and virgin (for those who preferred) mocktails that were just all outstanding.

Overall, this was just a fantastic experience. While we did not record on 4/20, it was definitely a 4/20 worthy celebration and discussion about legal marijuana. We had drinks and food, two long sessions of recording.

This is the very first of this new strain from Rootworx with a unbelievably low statistics - how cool is it to taste new marijuana?
Cherry Magoo - Rootworx
Then we had this awesome pre-roll from Green Barn Farms.

49°N Happy Daze - Green Barn Farms

We drank some of the delicious Hashslinger Mocktails - these are life changing.
We got to be the first outside of the internal test team to try some remarkable CO2 that was a test run of Green Barn Farms product by another i502 producer/processor Monkeygrass Farms. This CO2 was remarkable. Sorry there is just this one pic, but you can hear Ryan Galford talk about it when he sees it.

That CO2 and the Cherry Magoo are memorable firsts, and here's a memorable last. There's no more of this Grapestomper.
Grapestomper BHO - Rootworx

Overall, we had a great time and after some grub, and Stephen left, and Rootworx stuck around. We followed up with Episode 16 where Ryan and Anna shared deeply of Rootworx's analytics information and reviewed what they found out about that.  I assess this situation whole analytics back as too much corruption and there's no way the few labs are pushing out as many tests as they claim, and being accurate.  It's fairly demonstrable.

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