Thursday, May 5, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 18 - Stesha Ries and Gracen Hook

This Episode was a Cinco de Mayo party, with Stesha Ries of Green Chief and Gracen Hook, owner of the Reefer Den in Port Townsend. The whole day went incredibly weird and sideways. The food and conversation was great, as was the marijuana at the table - altho there was not much of it and it was not a showcase of a particular brand of products. I didn't catch any nugporn in this podcast, sorry.

Be sure to read about the whole day and see the amazing artwork. Click Read more!

To start with, co-host Aaron was unable to make it because of a tough electrical issue he was dealing with. Completely unrelated to that, but related to the amount of success that he has and the growth to which he is helping lead Cannabis 21 - Aaron is no longer going to be a regular co-host on the Marijuana Encyclopedia. He's now the Director of Marketing, and he mentioned before that they're expanding, and other amazing projects that I will be sharing all over the place. Also, his band Of Lioness needs him more.

Then, soon after Stesha Ries of Green Chief arrived and while our Cinco de Mayo feast was being completed by my lovely Entwife and myself, I lost half the electricity in my house. Including the garage studio and the kitchen where we were cooking!

Stesha brought some amazing things including two kinds of homemade tamales (one set vegetarian intended for Aaron), tortillas, and some carnitas. We had some of my wife's Mexican rice and her amazing tomato salsa. I made my homemade pintos. San Tito's salty tortilla chips topped it off.

She also brought the best gift anyone has ever made for me. I mean, I'm just blown away by the art and care put into making an amazing, glass and resin window.  All of the glass came from local places near Stesha and she made it all herself. There's a bottom third as well, it's a chalkboard! Here it is outside and backlit in the garage studio.

What a day! There were half a dozen other weird things that happened that I won't talk about. It was a strange day full of odd moments, things were stressful for lots of external reasons. Or as I like to call it, just another day in the forest.

We made the best of it. The oven was still working and we had a single extension cord strung out to the garage. It was pretty dim in there since we ran out of outlets after plugging in my smallest recording layout. There was no Green Chief marijuana to smoke and review, due to the string of misfortunes and their ancillary happenstances.

Gracen Hook, owner of the Reefer Den, showed up and he was a trooper even though he was running on far too little sleep. I hope you got some rest before the Arcview Group conference. He brought some Salmon Creek medical Grand Daddy Purple and some Sysco Pancho Marionberry Kush. I was not able to catch pictures of either due to the electrical issue which is, as this posts, still not resolved completely but getting close, my landlord came through.

We talked about so many topics, and it was an amazing conversation that touched on analytics, medical, terpene availability, how we seek marijuana and so much more. As a note, I was wrong. The youngest age that Adderall can be prescribed is not 6. It's simply not recommended for children under 3. Also, the rabbit test is not at all what Stesha thought.

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