Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 20 - Orgrow

Orgrow is a Tier 3 recreational marijuana producer processor. This legal cannabis brand has been putting out consistent edibles and flower for quite some time, and they've worked on concentrates in a few different ways. Right now they're focused on a tight array of well developed phenotypes of some solid strains, including Super Silver Haze, Rainbow Sherbert, Skunk 47, Pineapple, and Chocolate Chunk. Most of these have made their way to my table. They're growing by improving, which is the way to develop success!

I was joined by Jarod, the primary brand representative. Showing off the incredible concentrate products was Casey aka the Mad Scientist who runs the extraction labs. New team member Billy was there as well, with his experiences in consulting recreational and medical grows. Also at the table was friend of the show Danny, barely pictured.

People and Table

Orgrow's stolid, older generation of investors and ownership allow the younger operations team to lead with their own flavor. They're taking advantage of plenty of growing techniques. This team has a mind toward some more esoteric aspects of growing happy, healthy plants and producing the highest quality, cleanest product they can. The results speak for themselves.

Chocolate Chunk

Strawberry Diesel

Rainbow Sherbert

Casey is doing some remarkable new things with ethanol extractions. For real, I have never seen ethanol extracts looking like this. The stability is incredible and their techniques are resulting in a variety of textures and flavor profiles. Their goal is to mimic BHO consistency and profiles with ethanol extraction methods. I say they absolutely nailed it.

There were two kinds of Bubba Kush - the glossy shatter is 88.6% and this cheesy parmesan looking wax is insane and tasty. It looks so pale.



Bubba Kush Shatter

Bubba Kush Crumble

They brought some great Sour Tsunami CO2. Next, they're moving to distillate. These will have terpene profiles added to them for flavoring and added effect, making them massively potent.

Caramels from Orgrow are legendary on the recreational market. I didn't get any pictures of it because I was hungry and high and lazy - I had a great, sweet Sea Salted caramel. They also have Green Apple and new flavors Espresso, Raspberry, and Spiced Pear - which I can't wait to try. They're experts at the caramel game.

This was a fantastic visit from an exceptional brand that is just proving their dedication to improving. I'm glad to have Orgrow anything on my table, I'll be reviewing more soon.

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