Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 21 - Heavenly Buds

Heavenly Buds. Heavenly Buds. HEAVENLY BUDS!

This is one of the most premium brands I know of. Heavenly Buds is a boutique, Tier 2 producer/processor. They've been in business for well over a year, but have a medical background for more than 5 years, and continue their work in medical marijuana while perfecting legal recreational marijuana.

Heavenly Buds' facility is in Longview, a city which welcomed all the legal marijuana. They're in a neighborhood with several other i502 businesses - like our friends at Honu, the team at Dab Dudes, and a few other businesses.

One goal of the company is to give back to the community, so they're working to establish a coalition with their neighbors to brighten up the industrial area of Longview - can't wait to see what they accomplish in that role. They opened up an outdoor community garden and are using runoff from the marijuana processing facility for irrigation there, for one example.

At the table were Chad, Windy, and Miguel (not pictured!). We had a wide array of products on the table, and an awesome, heavy hitting Nectar Collector. Do you see the beard on Chad? That thing is incredible. We talked about an All-Episodes Beard Off. Maybe for a milestone episode.

People and Table

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We started out with amazing Super Lemon Haze.

Super Lemon Haze

Then moved on to this world-changing Blue City Diesel.

Blue City Diesel

Everyone has Blue Dream, but Heavenly Buds has an amazing, write-home-to-Mom Blue Dream. This stuff is pungent, and they've held the genetics for 5 years, and can trace it back over a doizen.

Blue Dream

Next we had some incredibly sharp, uplifting Alaskan Thunderfuck Kief liberally piled (poured) on Master Yoda flower.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Kief 41%

Master Yoda

We smoked some amazing Train Wreck shatter. This was processed by the artisans at Honu. This is the one that turned me into Lt. Dan.

Trainwreck Shatter 70.5%

Then, Bubble Bomb came out. This is a strain making a comeback to the recreational market from medical, soon. It's so frosty.

Bubble Bomb

Miguel was all about his favorite strain, Lemon Larry, a deep indica with purple centers.

Lemon Larry

There was more Master Yoda on the table in the form of incredible wax done by WeedBunny.

Master Yoda Crumble 85.9%

One last concentrate, also done by Honu, was this mind-bending White Domina.

White Domina Shatter

There is no doubt that every single product put out by the Heavenly Buds team, and their partnering processors, is incredible, high quality, premium, top-shelf legal marijuana. Go buy it, smoke it, enjoy it for yourself! Thanks to the entire Heavenly Buds team, I cannot wait for our next time.

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