Thursday, June 30, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 24 - First Cannaversary

It is tough to believe I've been doing this a year! I truly appreciate all the amazing people I've met, the incredible brands that have been on my table, and all the fantastic cannabis that's made it's way into my brain, body, and soul!

I've made some great friends, and had some awesome people join me in this project this year, thanks to all the co-hosts who spent some time on the show - Skylar, Ryan, Aaron, you're great! Dab Tech Danny - you're a rockstar bro.

All the awesome people behind legal marijuana's best brands who came and visited, brought product, I love you all and think you're heroes, like I told you face to face. Keep up the good work, fighting that fight for us all to have more freedom.

This year I've had so many awesome products on the table, and in the coming weeks we'll be highlighting some of the best products that came to the Marijuana Encyclopedia. This episode, we talked about some all-time favorite strains and the best legal marijuana products - whose brand has what best strain?

People and Table

Every product we smoked was delicious, potent, and quality, a fine top to an excellent year of reviewing #LegalMarijuana in Washington.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 23 - Customer Experience

Some of the coolest things I get to do are tour producer/processors and especially I treasure being able to visit with them to hear their brands' story when they come to the table at the Marijuana Encyclopedia. Also, I get to visit retailers, review them, buy from them, learn the stories and preferences of the people who are the face of Legal Marijuana in Washington.

But really, my role in recreational cannabis is that of customer. This is something we talk about but don't truly explore deeply. I got together with Dab Tech Danny, and friend of the show Tony - another cannaseur who is also a high-dosage medical marijuana patient. Medical marijuana is changing very soon and we talk about how that effects medical purchasing decisions.

We had a variety of products, methods, and perspectives at the table.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 22 - Forbidden Farms

Taylor Balduff is one of two brothers who co-own Forbidden Farms, a Tier 3 licensed marijuana producer/processor in Shelton, WA. They're working to combine the magnitude of the sun and the control of technology to produce outstanding quality cannabis. He brought his 18 years experience in growing cannabis to the table and his amazing attitude. Taylor exudes awesome like his marijuana exudes premium.

People and Table

Normally, the mics are hot for the whole session, but in this episode we finished recording and went and hung out in the backyard for another hour or so.  Taylor's just a hell of a guy, and friend-of-the-show Danny definitely added his happiness and appreciation to the atmosphere of the party. Plus, it's staying sunny out so late so no reason not to come down in the evening sunshine.

All the product I've ever seen from Forbidden Farms is remarkable and I can't wait to sit down with more of it again. This was an incredible experience and Taylor is a remarkable man. Thanks so much!

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