Thursday, June 23, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 23 - Customer Experience

Some of the coolest things I get to do are tour producer/processors and especially I treasure being able to visit with them to hear their brands' story when they come to the table at the Marijuana Encyclopedia. Also, I get to visit retailers, review them, buy from them, learn the stories and preferences of the people who are the face of Legal Marijuana in Washington.

But really, my role in recreational cannabis is that of customer. This is something we talk about but don't truly explore deeply. I got together with Dab Tech Danny, and friend of the show Tony - another cannaseur who is also a high-dosage medical marijuana patient. Medical marijuana is changing very soon and we talk about how that effects medical purchasing decisions.

We had a variety of products, methods, and perspectives at the table.

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Our day started out with visits to several legal marijuana stores all over the state! This was everyone's first visit to Have-a-heart Skyway in Seattle, and we hit up Gypsy Greens in both Olympia and Chehalis - my everyday, neighborhood weed store.  We went to, called, and dropped in a bunch of stores looking for Forbidden Farms - specifically for this review. We also hunted up a variety of good concentrates at a fair price (we found those at our local).

We saw something awesome and new at Have-a-heart - some Rogue Raven Farms pre-packed bowls! Half a gram of premium weed and some cheap glass for just $15! I love this idea. I feel Rogue Raven is going to do their glass sourcing properly, based on their reputation for excellence.  I asked them on Twitter and Facebook about it - as of this writing no response.

Without trying to rain on the awesome product parade: I do see potential, real and serious drawbacks with this kind of marketing. Cheap Chinese glass is a bane on the marijuana scene and at this price it cannot be anything but. Cheap glass is cheap, sure, but it's also poor quality. The quality controls on materials in China are reason enough to not want to buy China glass. Consider how terrible the quality on glass itself in China might be. Here's a article that really gets detailed on it. That's the end of that rant! Still, cool product.

We enjoyed some Coogies in a pre-roll that was a hell of a deal! Just $5 for this awesome little 0.8g

Coogies (Pre-roll) - Forbidden Farms

Once we visited several more shops, we ended up at Gypsy Greens in Chehalis where it was definitely not Wax Wednesday - so we paid full price, but got some great $30 choices from the new primo, neighborhood brand Cannabis NW.

We started the podcast off with some Black Russian, which is just amazing. This spacey, skunky weed should have waited till the end! Deep effects.

Black Russian - Forbidden Farms

This has an upcoming feature in a future #Shatterday review but we had it here too, since it's so good.

Another Cannabis NW BHO was on the table, this one a massive CBD product.

Dragon Lady - Cannabis NW

We went back to the remarkable flower from our sponsor Forbidden Farms. This stuff is incredible. Amazing!

Phantom Cherry Pie - Forbidden Farms

The we got some special concentrate on the table - some of this rosin from premium brand Gold Leaf.

Jack the Ripper Rosin - Gold Leaf
Even more Cannabis NW on the table here. This one got far too few pictures, and smoked way fast.

Green Crack BHO - Cannabis NW

Gypsy Greens had exactly one $15 auto-draw battery on the table, and Tony really needed a new vape device, so he got this, and some amazing Doc & Yeti vape. Very tasty alcohol extract here, and a really nice autodraw battery! No buttons at all.

Blackberry Kush Vape Cartridge - Doc & Yeti

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