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Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 22 - Forbidden Farms

Taylor Balduff is one of two brothers who co-own Forbidden Farms, a Tier 3 licensed marijuana producer/processor in Shelton, WA. They're working to combine the magnitude of the sun and the control of technology to produce outstanding quality cannabis. He brought his 18 years experience in growing cannabis to the table and his amazing attitude. Taylor exudes awesome like his marijuana exudes premium.

People and Table

Normally, the mics are hot for the whole session, but in this episode we finished recording and went and hung out in the backyard for another hour or so.  Taylor's just a hell of a guy, and friend-of-the-show Danny definitely added his happiness and appreciation to the atmosphere of the party. Plus, it's staying sunny out so late so no reason not to come down in the evening sunshine.

All the product I've ever seen from Forbidden Farms is remarkable and I can't wait to sit down with more of it again. This was an incredible experience and Taylor is a remarkable man. Thanks so much!

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Forbidden Farms has unique methodology and mechanisms. They're running a huge amount of canopy space - the measurement used in Washington for how much pot a grow is producing, topping out the amount they're licensed for at 30,000 square feet (in flower).

Greenhouses are on a perpetual two-week harvest cycle. The whole operation focuses on being as close to organic as possible and they use minimal additives or amendments. The greenhouses use light deprivation and supplemental lighting to balance off-season needs. Forbidden Farms is leading with this melding of nature and technology to deliver exceptional recreational cannabis.

Another large segment of their operation is their 20,000 feet of outdoor canopy, some fresh pictures of which you can see on their Facebook and Twitter.

We talked about quite a few things, one thing that surprised me was that this incredibly beautiful, gorgeously trimmed, consistent marijuana goes through a trimming machine. I almost didn't want to believe it! They use a GreenBroz machine. I want to see this thing in action.

Nutrients are key, and at one point Forbidden Farms' first choice of nutrient became unavailable, and Mike from Blumoon had something similar. That worked out so well that they worked out a partnership to showcase the nutrient lines in the product grown with it.

One of the labeled cannabinoids, CBC, came up and none of us really knew, offhand, what it was. Cannabichromene is non-psychoactive. Prohibition interfered with research, so we don't have a full understanding of the near-magical cannabinoids found in marijuana. CBC is understood to have huge anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), and anti-viral effects. Pretty heavy duty.

For the past year and more, they've worked with a variety of extractors, trying to pin down a producer who can produce what they're looking for. Forbidden Farms has decided to begin their own extraction processes. They have a facility just for processing, it's likewise a nice spread of space taking up over 4,200 square feet. They're just a few weeks away from having a terpene extractor to begin with. If they develop the art of extraction as well as they have growing cannabis, it's going to be incredible.

The Fucking Incredible (which definitely is), came from Sparket RnR's medical during the first days Forbidden Farms existed.
Fucking Incredible

Permafrost is so frosted. It's very photogenic too, and I self-edited quite a bit, believe it or not. There's twice this many photos I didn't upload to the album.

This Blue Magoo Shatter was processed by Slab Mechanix. It was very moreish. The second you had some, you want some more.
Blue Magoo Shatter

Caviar starts with some Blueberry Muffin flower, which is soaked in CO2 oil until they become one, then rolled in a severe amount of kief. It smokes like a champion, and got everyone magnificently high. I'd say this is the most potent caviar type product I've encountered yet - this definitely got me the highest. it made me throw the towel in.


Also, Lrrr is actually from Omicron Persei 8, not 6.

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