Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Late Night Dabs: Wi Fi Shatter - Honu


  1. We caught this short video on YouTube the day you put it up. THIS was the thing that finally got me to take a look at Freedom Market Kelso on Leafly. I have the same reaction to $8/.5 gram - WHAT??!!! Get out of here. These out of the way, "far from Seattle-Tacoma" shops are the place to be. After taking a road trip to Shelton for low oil prices, hell, might as well drive to Kelso. With decent gas prices and a Honda Civic - its well worth making road trips to get enough to last a month.

    ALP is so glad you are around to highlight shops outside of the major metro area.

  2. ALP - I'm so glad you're checking out the Freedom Market! You can read the Tour review in my left column too. They have got a ton of great brands - my sponsors Honu generally have tons of half grams and they put out so many varieties. Also, they carry product from friends of the site Heavenly Buds and JV Ranch (check out the $12 half grams of superprimo Bluniverse rosin from earlier this month).

    Since you're coming this way to stock up, maybe we can coordinate a visit to my garage studio in Chehalis, and come sesh!