Friday, July 22, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 25 - Simon Extracts

Serendipity lead Jon to send a message to me instead of a medical marijuana patient with a similar name. We talked a bit, and it sounded like fun so he showed up for my #MarijuanaEncyclopedia podcast and introduced the first Oregon cannabis to my table.

This was such an incredible experience. He brought trophy glass that made our experience incredible - the dab hookah was life changing. It lead Dab Tech Danny to create a prototype of the show's own dab hookah!

Simon Extracts are incredible - all of them impeccably clean and super potent. Taste is remarkable on each product, and terps are everywhere. If you get to Foster Buds or Glisan Buds you can find some of this premium concentrate available for patients there. Simon Extracts' focus is patients first.

The people around the table make the table! Thanks for coming to the show Jon and Dab Tech Danny!

Here's the amazing trophy glass he brought to the table. Both of these are like staring into 3 dimensional optical illusions. I did my best to capture this insanity.

Ganjacon 2016 Best Extract Trophy - Simon Elixirs

Subzero Scientific Challenge First Place Trophy (Dabhookah by Boro Farm) - Simon Extracts

First we had some amazing Sunset Sherbet.

Sunset Sherbet - Simon Extracts

We then had back-to-back cannonballs of Strawberry Cough. The nug is perfect.

The flower is some awesome Honu which we just reviewed recently. Honu is a great sponsor of the show and site!

Strawberry Cough - Honu

The dab was exquisite too!

Strawberry Cough - Simon Extracts

We dabbed some Honu WiFi Turtle Terps BHO as well, which will be in a review soon, I promise!

We smoked some Y Grega as well which was amazing. Farmer 12 grows it, and it's a Spanish strain. That's what's known about it. No pictures were taken specifically. Here's a video from Instagram. You can see how gorgeous it is even from this glimpse!

Our last Simon Extracts concentrate was Sour Diesel. I had this before the show started, and included that as a faded interlude. This is amazing cannabis extract. I stand by what I said.

Sour Diesel - Simon Extracts

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