Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 26 - Northwest Pearl

Some brands have made it to my table and into reviews repeatedly. I do this only when I know I can trust them to deliver great, clean product. Northwest Pearl is absolutely one of those brands! We've had their product on multiple episodes of the #MarijuanaEncyclopedia, and have bought this brand in multiple retail locations - notably our neighborhood favorite #GypsyGreens!

Billy "Enzo" Ives and I have spoken back and forth a few times - early on when I reached out via social media to get some info on this Truthband OG - L.O. Edition. That's some earlier photographic work. So this past week, I reached out to the internet and said, "My guests can't make it! Want to come share at my table?!" and communication established.

I was right about to step out on a walk when, lo and behold, I got a phone call from Billy Ives! He and I talked while I took a long walk on a warm day and agreed, we'd do a podcast just 3 days later! That's how you plan stuff. Turns out - we are equal fans of one anothers' work. That makes for a good time and damn did we have it! Hope you enjoy!

Northwest Pearl COO Enzo showed up ready to party with his cousin, Lead Gardener Angelo "L.O." These two are both self-taught men, with different perspectives. I appreciate their amazing quality with a self-guided style. They're doing it right, and we're going to be doing a farm tour really soon to show off how they're doing it, which is incredibly exciting!

Here's the participants, the table, and some of the awesome glass on the table! The coilwork inside Enzo's favorite, everyday bowl is crazy. I'm gonna say this - L.O. took off for a phone call and ended up having a nap in my backyard for a while. I can't judge because my night ended with me passed out early too! This was a big session.

We started out with some remarkable Kimbo Kush which set the stage with some chill and conversation! This stuff didn't even survive to get #nugporn shot, but we'll be seeing this awesome strain again.

Kimbo Kush - Northwest Pearl

Next up was a very long time talking about and smoking this incredible Black Betty. Seriously, we were on the Black Betty for like 45 minutes, it's so good. At about 38 minutes you'll hear the L.O. ask very politely for Enzo to pass the bong, then explain that the Betty's a bit much for him. Then you don't hear much else from Angelo for a while.

Black Betty - Northwest Pearl

Then we brought out some remarkable never-before-seen prototype product, in a form that I haven't had yet. Enzo broke out some amazing White Fire OG (Enzo's Cut) Rosin Butter. Rosin Butter. Woah. Seriously, this looks like the medicated 500mg butter butter that Dab Tech Danny makes. The flavors on this are insane, and the texture. Oh the texture.

White Fire OG (Enzo's Cut) Rosin Butter - Northwest Pearl
We had some #sponsored cannabis from Honu! Check out this awesome Live Resin from the #PurpleTurtle team.

Strawberry Cough Live Resin - Honu
Next up was the amazing Jeffrey - the flagship joint from Northwest Pearl. We did not grab any pics of it before sparking it up, but man is it insanely tasty.

There's a gram of premium Mr. Nice Guy flower first, then the massive RAW cone is painted with rosin (in this case it's legendary Northern Pearl Romulan), then Mr. Nice Guy kief. This is intense.

Go get one of these! For real!

Jeffrey MrN-Rom-MrN - Northwest Pearl

We continued the party with a super-deep Indica, Mr. Nice Guy. Oh my god. We got a little incoherent with this.

Mr. Nice Guy - Northwest Pearl

Thanks so much for joining us Enzo and 'Lo!

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