Saturday, September 10, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 28 - Mat Lee

Sometimes you meet a person and think, "Wow. This person has got some issues. I should be their friend." Mat Lee is just such a fellow. He's a boisterous, loud, wild cannabis professional with years of podcasting, reviewing, and writing under his belt. He is also managing editor at Cannabiz Journal, and brought another editor and writer/photog, Michael Hagar along. Since then, Michael and I had a chill session with some sparkling Honu Live Resin.

While this is not the longest ever Marijuana Encyclopedia, it was indeed the longest ever session with a guest. We hung out for 10 hours, talking, sharing, discussing, and most of all living that #dablife. I feel like I met a kindred spirit in that regard. I have to say though, I felt like a novitiate next to this rockstar ex-dab lab rat prolific and hardworking professional.


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We enjoyed a variety of products, especially terp enhanced distillates - Mat's specialty. We also chilled on a great big Candy Cone by Forbidden Farms!

Product Enjoyed

Having a massive tolerance is by no means all there is to smoking cannabis well. You have to be cool, and smart, and friendly, introspective but outgoing, investigative but also able to just appreciate it for what it is. In short, you must be amazing.

More Product Enjoyed

Being a 'professional' is even harder. Apparently, you also have to have a massive amount of glass and Pelican cases to carry them in. This is what separates professionals from other categories of cannaseur. Mat Lee definitely had that. He is a glass reviewer after all. There's nothing cannabis related this guy won't do - we even talked a bit about suppository reviews (he likes them 3 at a time, that's what he said off the record, I swear).

This was an incredible session and I can't wait till we get to sit down again. We had one brief follow-up visit at studios and it was a blast. Mat Lee gave us several pieces of glass for the studio, and an amazing friendship. Plus I met his friend who might as well be my cousin from the look and sound of him! Lucky bastard, but he is a Ryan.

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