Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 30 - Sweet Leaf Cannaversary

It seems like it was so long ago the first time I visited funky, upbeat, boutique Sweet Leaf in Aberdeen. I met the amazing Liz who went from customer to budtender to store manager! She put together the best vendor event I have seen yet and the most legal cannabis producer processor brands outside of HempFest.

This store is totally the best shop in Aberdeen! They have an outstanding boutique selection curated by Liz and her select team of cannaseur-budtenders. Each of these team members is an emerging expert in #WAPot. They have some of the very best pot in the cannabis market on their shelves, many of them came to this cannaversary party to help celebrate and share the love! The Sweet Leaf team outdid themselves. They took turns to come mingle while there was a massive flow of traffic throughout this. You're all rockstars and I appreciate the hell out of everything you do! We know your customers do too, they were all sharing how much love Sweet Leaf has for them, too.

The primary goal here was being able to reach out to customers, talk directly about products, educate individuals, and share the cannabis normalization message. I'd say this was a massive success, and to date the best legal marijuana retailer party that I've had the opportunity to join!

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We talked with the master grower and one of the owners of BMF Brands - you know them as Liberty Reach and Jackpot Seaweed. We've reviewed a ton of their product. They're Dope Cup Award Best Sativa winners for their Strawberry Mango Haze.

One of the most posted brands on AgingEnt.com, Honu is run by three Bohannon brothers, their wives, and their parents. Talk about a family shop, it's Mom, Dad, Bros and SIL (sisters-in-law). I got one of the SILs to sit down and chat a bit, they were releasing their awesome new Castlerock Cuff Cannabis Chew. It's kind of like cannabis snus, or dip. They also won Dope Cup Award Best Edible winners for their delicious coconut Snowballs that I have somehow never reviewed, although I've eaten them several different times.

Ethos Innovations is a brand I've seen everywhere but have not had their product yet. I'm definitely looking forward to trying their very high CBD, CBN, CBG drinks. They're putting out 50:1 CBD:THC products! And they have an all natural health tonic coming out that sounds outstanding. It's packed full of things that help you live life well. I need to catch up again so we can understand more about how kava-kava is going to help my universe and find out about the health tonic coming up.

A long-standing, highly desired edible brand representing was Nasty Jack's! Nasty Jack's Balls are a favorite, at 10mg per ball, and now they have sublingual candies out too! We met these two dudes, Charlie the Candyman and Dan, who is besties forever with our new friend Mat Lee of Hotbox.earth! It was great to run into these two new friends!

Here's a little instagram shoutout we gave to these homies!

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For the record, no parking lot dabbing happened.

Also here at the party was Tiller - represented by my friend Tyler from Tiller, and Andrei as well! It seems like a ton of new product coming through their sungrown farm. They have lots of new product on the way, and some of the best CO2 I've ever gotten the chance to chill with.

We talked to the fellows from New Market Cannabis who have their filtered pre-rolled Lucy on the market. I got some of these for just $6 while I was here! They burn well and this filter doesn't take away flavor as much as some I've smoked.

Bhang Chocolate was giving out uninfused versions of their delectable, sexy chocolates and those things are incredible. They had a gamut of flavors, my weakness being the one with peppermint in it. They rock!

Dab Tech Danny got to get all fanboy all over himself when he got the opportunity to interview one of the master growers at Cedar Creek. This is straight up one of his all-time favorite brands throughout their presence in medical and recreational. They had great swag, including microbowls, to give away.

Giveaway Winners

And we did give those away ! We gave away several cool swag bags with a variety of stickers, doob tubes, papers, T-shirts, buttons, cards, and weed jars, and more. Several lucky winners walked away. The bearded gentleman here won with a horseshoe style toss of a beanbag, meanwhile the young lady in the other pic won with the "oh just one more for fun!" throw of a beanbag as well! They both claimed not to be ringers, but I'm not so sure.

Distant After Sesh

Being stoners, we all found a quiet, non-public place far away from the retail store (far away!) and enjoyed a Lucy and a few other great products afterward. All in all, this was a great party and an opportunity to get lots of legal marijuana's best together to share with the customers.

Throughout this exceptional party that Liz at Sweet Leaf put together, one thing was incredibly clear. Cannabis use is normal, and everyone does it. There was no demographic coming to the store, or sharing their joy. Not even in the producer/processors and retailers is there a 'type' of person. We love cannabis, it's normal, it's safe and fun, and this aspect of normalization is critical so that we can legalize it everywhere. The message that people in every walk of life enjoy cannabis helps others share that they enjoy it, which helps our whole society recognize the value of cannabis. Not everyone drink wine, but it's a robust part of our economy worldwide. Why not so with cannabis?

Great work to the entire Sweet Leaf team, you guys are rockstars. I did not get to talk with you enough, and I'll definitely be doing just that very soon!

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