Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 33 - DAZ DILLINGER and DPG Budz

When DPG Budz got ahold of me to come party and hang out with #DAZDILLY I was incredibly stoked! I grew up listening to Dre, Snoop, Tha Dogg Pound Gang, Daz is a legend in the music industry who has written and produced a ton of albums. He's hard working, prolific, an historical figure, and a badass cannabis advocate for a long time! Turns out he's a fan of my #nugporn #dabporn and #reviews! Hell yeah!

You saw our #Meteorite #3MinuteReview and you know how awesome that was! Here we are smoking some more with Daz, filled up the social media with some good times, and sharing what Daz has to say about how creating unique cannabis products with a team like the one SPR has is very much like creating music in the studio.

Super dope to hang and Danny got this legend stoned out of his mind.  Later on someone at DPGBudz commented on an IG post how #DABDILLY only dabs with the Aging Ent! I feel honored.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Late Night Dabs: PHO and BHO Mix - PNWG with Pacific Northwest Growers

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 32 - Pacific Northwest Growers

Pacific Northwest Growers is a unique, family-owned Tier 2 Producer/Processor. Executive members of operations (that is, daughter and son-in-law of the license holders) Christina and Chad Ferris came by to talk about the way they grow in in Lake Stevens, WA.

They shared their family business roots, their ethos, and their unique business model. Then we ate a ton of Mexican food made by my Entwife. It was awesome to make these new friends, and learn about their business model and ethics.

We had a great time and took far too few photos! Sorry about that. We just got too fucking high.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 31 - High 5 Meet the Grower: Honu

Our amazing sponsor High 5 Cannabis is hosting a huge number of high profile Meet the Grower events with literally the best brands in #legalmarijuana. This is the 2nd time in as many weeks that we met Honu at an event like this, and two brothers Jay and John Bohannon were there to share the stories behind their awesome products.

What's awesome is the synchronicity of these brothers (and when you throw the third one in). They speak in unison at times with exact inflection, and even the knuckles-first way they lean on a counter shows how really tight this family is.