Thursday, October 6, 2016

Alaskan Thunder F*ck - Heavenly Buds

Alaskan Thunder F*ck - Heavenly Buds

This will not be your normal written review by the Aging Ent. Today I, his Entwife, am taking over for ATF by Heavenly Buds. I don’t believe he would do it justice, just my opinion. I am star struck by Heavenly Buds. I had the great pleasure to meet Miguel, Windy and Chad during the taping of the Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 21. I had this great idea of spray painting my walkway gold in honor of what I like to think of as Marijuana Royalty.

I often have racing thoughts. My day is filled with must-do’s and I am constantly on the go, and in other words... I have ADD. My go to for this condition is Alaskan Thunder F*ck, I have had a list of different ATF’s but none do the job like Heavenly ATF.

The nug is a rustic green, with each hair showing it's crystalline coating. The smell upon breaking the nug is a rich tropical fruit smell with a hint of pine. The packaging description claims that the smoker may experience a powerful storm of euphoria and sativa, and the smoker may not know wtf hit them. No words could be truer.

Packing my morning bowl and knowing the results once I have had my first taste is a magical must have, many of you coffee drinkers know. For me this is my go to medicine. I have OCD and my brain tends to run a mile a minute with all the daily things that must get done, not only for myself but 5 other people. So enough about me, let’s continue on the Heavenly Buds experience of ATF aka Alaskan Thunder F*ck.

The first hit always has that aromatic tropical sweet taste that is very enlightening to the palate, very euphoric, clean and crisp. This strain tends to keep the flavor throughout the entire bowl, never once losing that sweet taste, and continues to be smooth on the tongue.

Effects take just a few seconds to start warming the soul. I feel a fog lifting from my head, clarify that really showcases how well this sativa delivers that uplifting feeling. My head becomes less jumbled, and I become more focused on the day’s task at hand. For me, Heavenly ATF is the go to daily stress relief, stay on task and get things done. Mom tested, mom approved.  

I get really excited, similar to a kid in the candy store when I find Heavenly Alaskan Thunder F*ck in any potshop. Overall, this is my favorite strain by my favorite brand. It is medical quality and I can trust them to be (almost) always consistent and premium.

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