Sunday, October 9, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 31 - High 5 Meet the Grower: Honu

Our amazing sponsor High 5 Cannabis is hosting a huge number of high profile Meet the Grower events with literally the best brands in #legalmarijuana. This is the 2nd time in as many weeks that we met Honu at an event like this, and two brothers Jay and John Bohannon were there to share the stories behind their awesome products.

What's awesome is the synchronicity of these brothers (and when you throw the third one in). They speak in unison at times with exact inflection, and even the knuckles-first way they lean on a counter shows how really tight this family is.

High 5 Cannabis stocks Honu's entire award-winning edibles line, including Peanut Butter Cups, Gimme Sa'more!, and the Dope-Awarded Coconut Snowballs.

Their brand new line of topicals by Verdantwaye seem amazing, and their partner has a serious reputation in medical topicals. They're also working on suppositories and other interesting products under the same line. These will all be stocked at High 5 when they're available!

You have got to hear what they're pulling in their terpene profiles and everything that comes down the pipe.

Jenkins Glass

This Meet the Grower event was extra awesome because of Jenkins Glass.  They make remarkable glass, some of it with an odd twist. They have glass with specimen jars, which hold preserved skeletons of a variety of animals. One had a small lizard, another had a snake. These are outstanding.

Unique Glass

Overall, this was a really successful Vendor Day Event. One more quick shout out - right away I ran into SueVo of the Cannabis Daily Record. She and I have only seen each other at these events, but we plan a great session with other reviewers soon! Can't wait to make that happen soon!

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