Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 32 - Pacific Northwest Growers

Pacific Northwest Growers is a unique, family-owned Tier 2 Producer/Processor. Executive members of operations (that is, daughter and son-in-law of the license holders) Christina and Chad Ferris came by to talk about the way they grow in in Lake Stevens, WA.

They shared their family business roots, their ethos, and their unique business model. Then we ate a ton of Mexican food made by my Entwife. It was awesome to make these new friends, and learn about their business model and ethics.

We had a great time and took far too few photos! Sorry about that. We just got too fucking high.

This was just an incredible interaction with such cool people, and we had a great time. Chad and Christina are both living that #dablife - they know how good their product is, and they're constantly on their competitors. We went through quite a bit of what we know about competitors' products but the highlight was definitely the product they brought.

We did not get pictures of all the super premium product they brought, but can you see how amazing the quality is from the #nugporn we have!

There was also a long-haired, tasty Strawberry Cough, some massively dense Double Dream that I swear I got pics of but cannot find, a Tangie joint and Tangie flower, and a few other things. Everything was premium!

CheeseQuake - PNWG

Cherry Pie - PNWG

We smoked this incredible Heavenly Buds Green Crack along the way as well! Check out the full review of our friends and sponsor! They nail this strain perfectly every time.

Throughout, we dabbed on two kinds of Propane Hash Oil - PHO, and a mixed variety BHO. This was incredibly clean product. Only the mixed indica PHO survived to #dabporn stage. We had this on #LateNightDabs too!

Indica PHO - PNWG

Overall, this product is incredibly top shelf. All of it is some of the best that's been on the table. Even the least favorite products were a good quality - they were just up against some incredibly harsh competition!

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