Thursday, December 29, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia 38 - Christmas with Enzo - Northwest Pearl

I'm so glad that my homie Enzo wanted to spend Xmas Eve together hanging out together and sharing his newest, best products. This is the second visit, and this time he came with a bag of tricks.

He is a serious wizard of hash. His bubble hash methods are awesome, and he also spreads the knowledge he's acquired from others. The rosin he turns out is the highest, most extreme, top level of the i502 Washington cannabis market. You'll hear me say it and I mean it - Northwest Pearl sets the bar on solventless quality and Enzo owns that hash rosin color game.

Honestly, this was an incredible and long sesh, and one of the most real ones we've had. Thanks so much Enzo, thanks to the whole Northwest Pearl team - the real magic behind it all. Merry Christmas and Thanks.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 37 - Gravity Thieves

The first time the Gravity Thieves came to hang out,  the Gravity Thief himself - Andrew - had to unexpectedly solve a crisis so James and Bill came by without the boss. We had a great time, enjoyed exceptional product - including the Hellfire recently reviewed. As it turns out, the audio got critically corrupted and I was unable to recover it. So, we had a revisit and it was exceptional. Shout out to the unnamed guest, you held it down! Way to represent and be supportive.

These guys know how to party. They're committed and passionate about what they do, and mostly, they just want to have a good time working with each other doing something they love, and cannabis is the thing for them!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 36 - Bodhi High

The first time I encountered this brand, I was at the Freedom Market. My bro Shane, who was on the HempFest podcast, was like, "Yo, Ent have you had this?!" and showed me product. I had to try it! That was some Strawberry Casper OG and from there I was in love.

The concentrates are consistently outstanding. Some top notch quality, and a huge variety of textures, finish. color, even packaging is great and leading edge. I invited Sam, the owner, to come down for the Marijuana Encyclopedia. He was visiting quite a few stores already, and came by me right after hitting the Freedom Market in Kelso, one of my favorite shops!

This new company is doing phenomenal work and putting incredible product out, with an overarching goal of doing good for the environment while providing the best, most beneficial cannabis in the current framework.

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