Thursday, December 29, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia 38 - Christmas with Enzo - Northwest Pearl

I'm so glad that my homie Enzo wanted to spend Xmas Eve together hanging out together and sharing his newest, best products. This is the second visit, and this time he came with a bag of tricks.

He is a serious wizard of hash. His bubble hash methods are awesome, and he also spreads the knowledge he's acquired from others. The rosin he turns out is the highest, most extreme, top level of the i502 Washington cannabis market. You'll hear me say it and I mean it - Northwest Pearl sets the bar on solventless quality and Enzo owns that hash rosin color game.

Honestly, this was an incredible and long sesh, and one of the most real ones we've had. Thanks so much Enzo, thanks to the whole Northwest Pearl team - the real magic behind it all. Merry Christmas and Thanks.

For real, Enzo brought the fire and DabTechDanny got to join us!  This was an awesome Xmas Eve and we also streamed a huge amount of this on the TokeWith App, it's a free streaming site for stoners to toke with each other. 

Throughout this podcast we smoked this insane, tasty 6 Star Bubble Hash by Northwest Pearl.

Blueberry Trainwreck Bubble Hash - Northwest Pearl

This is the palest rosin I have ever seen, period. I challenge anyone to bring something lighter or fluffier, that is solventless. Incredible hash rosin. This is dialed in perfectly, literally.

We enjoyed a great Curious Crow Kief-infused joint as well. This new sponsor has got tons of kief-infused joints but also the amazing Caviar Cones they put out! We've got a #3MinuteReview of those for New Year's! I got this little half gram infused joint from High 5 Cannabis when they had their Curious Crow Cannabis Co Meet the Grower! These were only $3 for the half gram! Crazy deal.

Of course, I love Northwest Pearl's flower as well, and we smoked some of the remarkable Waterberry Cherry - this new strain is outstanding and flavorful. So purple when growing, and tasty as can be. This flower looks insane!

We followed that up with an awesome hand-rolled, flower-and-trim joint from our friends and sponsors Rootworx, another Shelton, WA brand! We didn't talk enough about the fact that they're in the same small town as many other producer processors, for sure. This Grape God had that flavor everywhere!

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