Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 36 - Bodhi High

The first time I encountered this brand, I was at the Freedom Market. My bro Shane, who was on the HempFest podcast, was like, "Yo, Ent have you had this?!" and showed me product. I had to try it! That was some Strawberry Casper OG and from there I was in love.

The concentrates are consistently outstanding. Some top notch quality, and a huge variety of textures, finish. color, even packaging is great and leading edge. I invited Sam, the owner, to come down for the Marijuana Encyclopedia. He was visiting quite a few stores already, and came by me right after hitting the Freedom Market in Kelso, one of my favorite shops!

This new company is doing phenomenal work and putting incredible product out, with an overarching goal of doing good for the environment while providing the best, most beneficial cannabis in the current framework.

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Bodhi High is pushing the envelope with new topicals and capsules as well. The Bodhi Essentials line is coming out with Tinctures soon too.  Sam said they're dedicating 50% of their coming grow operation to high-CBD strains. They're dedicated to delivering the absolute best. Also, Sam prefers CBD dabs.  You may know this expert level extraction artist as Sam I Am Glass, as well. His heart is in glass art that lets him express himself.

We dabbed up some amazing Secret Recipe Terp Sugar first.

Secret Recipe Terp Sugar - Bodhi High

Then we had this incredible SR-71 Purple Kush.

SR-71 Purple Kush Wax - Bodhi High

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