Thursday, December 22, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 37 - Gravity Thieves

The first time the Gravity Thieves came to hang out,  the Gravity Thief himself - Andrew - had to unexpectedly solve a crisis so James and Bill came by without the boss. We had a great time, enjoyed exceptional product - including the Hellfire recently reviewed. As it turns out, the audio got critically corrupted and I was unable to recover it. So, we had a revisit and it was exceptional. Shout out to the unnamed guest, you held it down! Way to represent and be supportive.

These guys know how to party. They're committed and passionate about what they do, and mostly, they just want to have a good time working with each other doing something they love, and cannabis is the thing for them!

It was ridiculously cold in the garage studio, and I realize now I have to abandon the garage and move the studio indoors. Everyone trooped it out with my big ceramic heater going, and lots of layers, but that was not enough. James and Bill once more donned their Tyvek suits to stay warm. Here's a host from the last show - DabTechDanny was not able to make it to this episode but he was at the last one, and here's a great shot of the three dudes.

On that first visit, they brought along an incredible Sheldon Black piece belonging to Andrew.

They speak for themselves and have great presence about them. These are masters of their craft, even though their current i502 organization is new, they've been at this a long time, and it shows in the quality of product they produce.

We had some incredible Orange Kush that tested in at over 11% Terpenes! See the analytics in this gallery:

Orange Kush

Then we had incredible Purple Urkle - this was a dark greasy boogery texture and the first time we met, we had a very shattery Purple Urkle.

I'm so glad I met these guys, they're awesome and this was an incredible time!

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