Friday, January 6, 2017

Jeffrey Solventless Infused Joint - Northwest Pearl at North Bay MJ


Jeffrey Solventless Infused Joint - Northwest Pearl at North Bay MJ

People who know walk into retail stores and ask, "Jeffrey?" The best potshops can answer with "Oh yeah we have Jeffreys!"  Among all the various infused joints we've had, these are the first ones called a Jeffrey and they are the best solventless infused joint around. Plus, Northwest Pearl sets the bar on hash rosin.

All the Jeffreys come with different flower and rosin combinations, depending on what's right right then. This one is Romulan bud and Galactic Fire rosin. Interestingly, the last one I had was the opposite - Galactic Fire bud, legendary Romulan rosin. And as it turns out, both of these strains are retired now! 

Opening the tube, there's a serious amount of kief on the joint and some extra for a bowl later in the tube! I love it! Thanks Northwest Pearl! Aroma on this is definitely earthy, with all this solventless action there's also a crisp hashiness to everything as well. 

This lights up absolutely perfectly with no manicuring needed. As it burns, the rosin melts in perfectly, all the kief similarly melts in and becomes part of the smoke. You can watch this perfect combination of all the ways the flower can be had, combining naturally in this amazing smoke. Every single one of them has burned flawlessly or with virtually no maintenance throughout.

Inhaling there's a slight banana tone but overall clean, crisp lemon throughout. The vegetative tastes of the flower are present, and there's a thickness to the smoke without being harsh.

High on this was sideways and came on strong. DabTechDanny described it as a blast of Force in the middle of your nose. We both had watering eyes before the end of the joint - we also smoked the whole thing with just the two of us. The high was intense, and goofy with massive heady uplift - almost bubbly. 

Overall, I love Jeffreys. The product is fantastic, and it's made by dudes who are literally setting the bar in solventless recreational cannabis in Washington.  


  1. This was one of the best joints I have ever smoked....I don't normally smoke joints unless they lay me out on my ass but I tell you a cavi cone and buy a jeffery...smoke em at the same time and you'll feel the jeffery withing 30-45 seconds of smoking it compared to the cavi that leaves a small hint of an indica factor in it

    1. Hell yeah! I don't even mess with Cavi-cone brand - always a let down. Give Curious Crow Caviar Cones a try - I had one for New Years!