Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sour Tsunami High CBD Terpene Sap - Bodhi High


Sour Tsunami High CBD Terpene Sap - Bodhi High

I made friends with Bodhi High owner Sam when he came by for Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 36. We talked, and agreed to a sponsorship, and he pointed me toward this flagship product - HTE - from their ultra-premium extraction line. High Terp Extract. Woah.

During that episode, Sam explained that he loved High CBD extracts. This one has 9:1 CBD:THC ratio clocking just 6.28^ THC and a whopping 56.6% CBD. This is intense medicine.

The color on this is a pale yellow with light behind it, verging on pale lemon yellow. Without light, it's a nearly an amber color. In that dramatic lighting, it's a pure gold. The consistency on this when I first got it was almost a shatter, but it fell apart with almost any interaction, becoming a sap.

The aroma is a clean, traditional '710' oil aroma. This aroma continues into the flavor. On the inhale, there's also a nice hashy sort of flavor with general fruit sweetness that lasts long into the aftertaste. A good oily taste hangs out for a while as well. There's some intense nosey finish here, leading to sneezing after some of these big dabs!

High on this is intensely intense. There's a heavy side of the head feeling that relaxes down into the torso. Before it hit center, my legs were gone. My lower back melted and I could barely keep myself straight. My head floated wide, and disappeared into a mild euphoria.

I was truly restful, these dabs had a massively sleepy end. This restful medicine was awesome.

Overall, flavor on this was not as robust as some other Bodhi High extracts, the effects were exceptional. The rich texture and body effects were incredible, and legs were to the best sleep I have had in weeks. I will be back for so much more of this intense CBD experience. Woah.

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