Thursday, April 27, 2017

Marijuana Encyclopedia 39: Sweet As! Cannabis

This was a podcast months in the making. We tried to have a podcast episode ages ago, but that fell through. Then, we tried to have another, and that fell through. Finally, we had this podcast and it has been 6 weeks or so before it got published! That doesn't make it any more relevant or awesome.

We were joined by Zak and Kali who were super awesome. They came rolling deep with indica and CBD, so this was ultrachill.

We enjoyed a variety of incredible cannabis from this brand!

Purple Urkle

Jack One

Blueberry Headband

And while I did not get any pictures of the amazing concentrates they brought by, here's a fat #dabvid from Instagram!


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    1. What's hilarious is that my advertising and media agency is called Green Owl Media #owls