Monday, July 3, 2017

Marijuana Encyclopedia 41: Dab Dudes

Cowlitz County Cannabis is one of those brands that is everywhere, even if you've never heard that name. They're known as Dab Dudes, Hi Guys, and Cowlitz Gold. These brands range from ultra-budget to rather high-end.

We've done a ton of reviews of Dab Dudes and Hi Guys products, but we've never had Cowlitz Gold in review (it's been on the table though!)

We were visited by the awesome Cristy who represents the brand. She dabs hard! Also in the show were the homies phrank_does_dabs, herban_dabber, and tree_time_420

We enjoyed a variety of awesome Dab Dudes products, but the star of the show was the Cannabinoid Powder, which is set to come to market soon. Awesome stuff!

Cannabinoid Powder - Not cocaine

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