Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cynex - Hometown Herbs at THC of Lacey

Cynex - Hometown Herbs at THC of Lacey
After amazing recommendations by budtender Larry for his favorite strains by Hometown Herbs, his favorite microgrowery, I had to give a review of one of their products myself!

This Cynex is a beautiful flower, with a tight trim and frosted nugs. The greens are such a perfect range of hues, the ideal 'weed green'.

This has nice herbal notes with gentle sweetness under a bright fresh aroma.  On the inhale, these sweet, fresh elements grow into a huge flavor, with citrus undertones.

Cynex is a great pick me up, with solid mid-body relaxation. The head was sort of swimmy, with happiness everywhere. Smooth relaxation and chill kept me grounded.

Overall, this is a great flower. The small-batch, hands on methodology of this awesome farm is apparent everywhere, and you can always find several kinds of Hometown Herbs at all the THC stores!

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