Sunday, July 1, 2018

Full Extract Cannabis Oil aka RSO - Big Worms Buds


RSO is so-called for Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson was a self-treating cannabis patient who re-discovered the benefits of cannabis extract. However, he recommended naptha and isopropyl alcohol as preferred extraction solvents (and still does today, at his website, you can google it). Ethanol is way safer, and if you can't find a provider/retailer where you are, there are plenty of recipes on the internet for doing this with far more consumption-friendly solvent of ethanol. So, while many in the 'modern' cannabis industry respect Rick Simpson's advocacy work and many people can attest to the results of his outreach, he still recommends moderately unsafe practices.

Meanwhile, the cannabis culture has adopted RSO for a stand-in for the more accurate FECO ('FEE-ko') - which is Full Extract Cannabis Oil. Either name you see this as is virtually interchangeable - but know what you're consuming! Ask questions at the cannabis store, dispensary, or homie's house.

In I502, there are allowed several types of solvents including propane and butane, which are used in 'proprietary' blends, along with other hydrocarbons, while FECO is made with ethanol. It's not the only product made from ethanol - EHO or Ethanol Hash Oil is interesting. Back to this RSO.

This is some clean tasting, excellent quality RSO. This is the magic medical marijuana that helps treat virtually all that ails humanity. In dosages ranging from 0.1 grams to 1+ grams a day, ingested - that is, you eat it - over 90 days, this has been known to straight up cure cancer. The aforementioned Rick Simpson recommends 60 grams in 90 days. I ate several globs of this and got great pain relief effects and chilled out.

In the mouth, it had a firm texture that didn't leave much residue. I had about 0.2 grams on the tongue washed down with hot coffee. Later, I ate it on a Cheez-It. There was not much of an aftertaste, and it was pleasant like it should be.

The effects on this started about 2 hours in for me, I really didn't eat much before either dosage. My muscles went slumpy, and I was relaxed. My forehead sort of sloped with relaxation and I gave into it. I watched Dr. Strange (my 4th attempt) and fell asleep before it was over, again. This was great.

I like everything I've had from the homies at Big Worms Buds, like this Terminator Sauce. Go ask for it by name! #BigWorm #CheapandEasy



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