Friday, June 26, 2015

Blue Dream - Jackpot Seaweed

Brand: Jackpot Seaweed (BMF Washington LLC)
Strain: "Engaged" Blue Dream
20% Blueberry Indica, 80% Haze Sativa

Potency analysis: TTL 20.9% THC 20.7% CBD 0.2% THCA 0.0%

Harvested: 04/22/2015
Smoked: 06/15/2015

Packaging: 6.5"x3" 3mil clear plastic zip bag with stickers
Cost: $10/gram
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

This was a very animated sativa experience.   The flavor was indeed Blue - just delicious as could be and juicy.  The smoke had a real satisfying blueberry flavor on the exhale.  Like most Hazes it was very sweet as well, lots of good tasty action in the front of the mouth.

This didn't have a ton of hair on it but it definitely was crystal-covered.  I smoked this out of my 7" bubbler, and after just a couple I was definitely "Engaged" like the brand tries to market it.  My attention was devoted to the task at hand - but I could not at all tell you what all I did!

At the time, I was unpacking my office and setting up multiple computer systems, organizing, arranging ... I spend lots of time at my computers.  I really needed to make sure I set things up well right from the get go.

I love the way I left my office, it's the best setup I've ever had - hell it's my first time having my own office!  Before this place, all I had was a wall of a bedroom, and before that a corner of a bedroom.

I set up my microphones, and my gaming inputs, arranged my e-cig vaping areas, and got my desk set up with a bunch of old and new jars for my marijuana to hang in while it waits for me to smoke it.

Everything came out great, and it was all thanks to this great Blue Dream.

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