Friday, June 26, 2015

Bubba Kush - 420 Natural USA

Brand: 420 Natural USA
Strain: Bubba Kush

Potency Analysis: TTL 24.24% THC 0.398% CBD 0.086% THCA 23.11%

Harvested: 03/16/2015
Smoked: 06/14/2015

Packaging: 5"x3.5" 3mil opaque (windowed) plastic rip-top zip bag
Cost: $15/gram
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

This Bubba Kush was so juicy and tasty.  The clouds i blew I wanted to re-inhale because of the sweet, wide flavors of this indica.  Holy shit it tasted good and before I knew it, my mind was wandering and doodling, dabbling and boobling all over the place.

The bud itself was - to the point I bought it - the least pretty and had basically no hairs or crystal clusters visible from the outside.  When I broke the bigger nug open, the center blossomed and fairly exploded with crystals and a delicious, fragrance.

After smoking this, it was like ... You know how like, sometimes when you look at an object and just really like think about how it fits into the universe, then how it really got there man.  Most recently, someone put it there, let's say it's a wooden bowling pin used for decoration, right?  But then, they got it from somewhere else, like a garage sale - but those people had it in the basement with a bunch of other weird stuff they collected from various sports their kids played throughout the 70s and 80s, man right?  So before that someone had that bowling pin in a bowling alley, and it was sitting there, it must have been hit like 40-50 times a day, if it was busy.   That bowling alley, it had to get it from the manufacturer who was making bowling pins for years.  They know how to efficiently make lots of good pins and how to cut it out of the boards they use or whatever.  They had a whole forest dedicated just to the wood to become bowling pins!  But wait man, wait.  You gotta think about the guy who planted those trees to become the bowling pins, all lined up in rows man - it was a long time ago so you know they did that by hand and I bet.. I bet that guy who planted all those trees was blazed as hell man smoking trees planting a forest!  Oh man, and here I am, stoned, hugging his bowling pin grandbaby man!

Then I smoked a second bowl of this, and went to sleep reading some Robert Heinlein.  All of my body felt great.

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