Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dream Tonic - Legal Sparkling Tonic

Brand: Legal Sparkling Tonic
Strain: Dream Tonic Sparkling Lemon-Ginger Soda
Super-duper Sativa

Potency Analysis: 10mg THC per serving (two servings per bottle)

Cost: $20 per bottle
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

Made: 06/02/2015
Consumed: 06/21/2015

Packaging: 6.5"x2.5" semi-opaque brown glass pony bottle

Ginger ale is my favorite "good times" beverage - it mixes well with every alcohol - and you put some lemon in there, that's my favorite flavor profile.  I enjoyed the taste of this soda immensely.  I mean, fuck this is some tasty shit!  I want them to sell me a non-marijuana infused variety for cheaper, this is going to be a rare and elusive (read: expensive) treat!

I actually got this for Father's Day, as a gift from my wife.  Do you see what that label says?  Dream Tonic.  Slow Your Roll.  Couch, meet butt.  I was excited!  I haven't eaten/drank marijuana in like 13 years man.  This'll be great!

So I got home, and sat outside sipping my soda, smoking a bowl of Agent Orange along side it.  I got to the halfway point far too quickly.  The bright flavors dance across the tongue in a really sweet and only slightly marijuana-ish flavor.  The sparkle is just that, a dance across your taste buds with these clearly awesome and natural flavors.  Did I mention how tasty this is?  It was tough to stop at the halfway point, so I didn't.

I took one more nice little mouthful, and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.  I got the dog all leashed up, and my wife and daughters and I set out.  We walked for about 45 minutes, just randomly around the neighborhood.  At one point, my daughters got tired so we diverted toward home.

Once returned to my backyard, I finished the other half of the bottle.  I read the label again "prepare for many glorious hours of doing nothing".  I was looking forward to that!  I've been running for weeks straight - still just a week or so after a big move from IL to WA, and lots going on along the way there, damn I need to relax!

I mentioned before that I love Sativas.  I love love Sativas.  Really I do.  Thinking, intellectual, present, thoughtful, uplifting, happy, smile, activity ... these are some of the best parts of sativa experiences for me.  This was like a super-duper mental explosion of all of those at once.

So, feeling upbeat and happy, but ready to relax I went to work in the yard.  I kid you not, I worked for just a bit more than 4 hours, stopping only to smoke a little more and to hydrate.  Not only did I not want to sit down and melt into my couch, I don't really think I could have.

I cleaned up this horrible spider-infested corner of the house (which my bedroom window looked out onto!) and took care of so many small tasks I couldn't begin to describe them.  Then I spent 2 hours with a pair of brooms, sweeping dusty corners, getting rid of old cigarette butts thrown by some assholes who lived there before.  I mean it, these jerks put cigarette butts and candy wrappers everywhere.  Piles of cigarette butts in all corners.  Just terrible.

At some point my wife pointed out that it was actually dark out, so I took a hot shower and sat on the couch to chill.  I never did melt into it but I slept a weary, well-earned sleep of a man who did great, mundane things.

Now, seriously - this sounds like I had a very uncommon interaction with this variety of soda.  Or maybe the wrong strain of extract was mixed in.  Everyone else I've spoken to who enjoyed this particular soda had a mellow, calm experience.  Also, I guess I didn't put myself into anything like a frame of mind to be getting a crazy body experience or a mellowness.

I'm definitely going to go for the other varieties of Legal Soda that are available.  Check out the Mirth Provisions Manifesto!  It's great.

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