Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jack Herer (Pre-rolled) - Liberty Reach

Brand: Liberty Reach
Strain: Jack Herer
Hybrid - 50% Secret Haze Indica, 50% Red Skunk Sativa

Potency Analysis: TTL 23.9% THC 23.6% CBD 0.3& THCA 0.0%

Harvested: 04/07/2015
Smoked: 06/28/2015

Packaging: Clear-green plastic flip-top tube in a 6.5"x3" 3mil clear plastic zip bag with stickers.
Cost: $8/0.5gram net weight filtered conical joint
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

Right off the bat, this is clearly the same distributor as Jackpot Seaweed - I reviewed their Blue Dream and Presidential OG Kush previously.  No other distributor I've seen yet uses the "Engaged" and "Introspective" labeling to differentiate between Sativa and Indica.  I noticed that before I even started looking when I saw them hanging on display in the store.  You can see from the types of stickers, labeling and packaging that they use.  When you look closer, it turns out that both brands are put out by BMF Washington LLC.  My favorite shop just got a bunch of new strains with this new brand labeling that I will definitely be trying.  I'm looking for great things from whatever brand they sell under!

So Jack Herer.  A fucking legendary strain.  I'm not so sure that you get Jack Herer with the specific hybrid this grower is growing but I'll tell you this: It's the sweet, ever so slightly, incense-y floral flavor that I remember from the last time this strain came into my hands.

The smoke is so fantastic.  My wife took a very big puff and after she coughed her face off for a moment her comment was "It's so .. Roman!" And I totally understood immediately!  The flavor is decadent, clearly natural, floral and somewhat ethereal.

I smoked this joint in 3 parts, and the last couple hits were so incredibly resinated and gooey, the flavor was just concentrated.  I licked my lips after smoking and the flavor just stuck.

I've mentioned that I have a yard that has lots of work to get done in it.  I figured a picture speaks 1,000 words.  For the most part this joint of Jack Herer was my motivating force to get this work done.

The area itself that I started working on is about 1/5th the total yardspace.  It was a 'firepit' and I plan on making it a a Fire Pit.

To start, however, I had to remove all these flagstone and slate 'pavers' that are all over, muddy and disgusting.  I actually did the front bare area late last night while enjoying the last of my Super Lemon Haze.  The rest of this was done in the course of a couple hours.

Just this single project that I worked on in an afternoon is a pretty big deal for me.  Prior to moving to Washington (just earlier this month!) I'd never get my hands dirty like this and hadn't done serious yardwork in a decade plus.  I feel very satisfied doing this work, and find myself doing it stoned more and more often.  That marijuana store is very close.

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