Friday, June 26, 2015

My Very First Legal Marijuana

It was really a weird and magical experience going to the marijuana store for the first time.  Also, somehow, incredibly mundane.

We'd been at our new house for about a day - we still hadn't finished unloading after our 4 day voyage with our family minivan and a 16' truck full of our belongings.   I finished the last of the random kush I'd brought with from Chicago the night before.  "Honey, let's find Old Toby".

My wife was driving, but we could've walked (and I have since).  The store is only 3 blocks from my house (3 blocks!!!)  As we pulled up to the discreet shop in an interesting little parking area, I was giddy.  I made my wife drive.

I was going to a place named Old Toby.  No, really, my regular spot is called Old Toby.  You can read my review on their G+ page.

I was floating to the door and was instantly depressed when it didn't open when I pushed the bar!  I looked at the sign flashing O-P-E-N OPEN! right next to my head, then down to the door.  PULL.  Tricksy door.

In we go, and it is rather bare of decoration, but there's a massive whiteboard with at least 75 varieties described in detail, and a smaller section devoted to edibles.   The couple running the place are wonderful and kind, and interesting.

So my wife let me get a variety, and I was a bit giddy - because it was LEGAL.  And I got to choose what I go home with!

So I picked up 2 grams of sativa and 2 grams of indica, then went home to get stoned.

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