Friday, June 26, 2015

Skunk 47 - Orgrow

Brand: Orgrow
Strain: Skunk 47

Potency Analysis: TTL 22.5% THC 0.18% CBD 0.32% THCA 21.6%

Harvested: 12/09/2014
Smoked: 06/16/2015

Packaging: 5"x3.5" mylar-back 10mil plastic zip top bag
Cost: $12.50/gram (2 gram package)
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

Overall, this was a decent weed.  It reminded me very much of any of the variety of standard buds that passed through my hands before I lived in Washington.  With the pricing I was not expecting super-duper quality.  One thing I will say is pretty remarkable is the density and thickness of the hairs.  These dark red hairs were crazy.  Interestingly, it did not smell skunky to me - not even a little.

Overall the flavor was decent, good marijuana.  Tasty, no particular outstanding overtones in anyway, but definitely a nice smell.  One of my neighbors smelled me and said, "Hey it smells like home over there!" so I invited her over to enjoy a bit as well.  She got blazed on the first hit, her eyes lit up red almost instantly and she coughed a little.  On the second hit, she was clearly done - tears and coughing hard - so I finished by myself.

After a little while I realized I really was feeling good in the body!  Look at that CBD count!  The highest analyzed count that I've seen yet, by a whole order of magnitude.  Then it hit me.  I really should go sit somewhere.

I sat on the couch next to my young daughter who was engrossed in Youtube on her mother's phone.  I stared into space.  I have no idea what, if anything, I thought about.  I didn't drool, and I know I didn't do anything weird.  I just spaced out hard, until I fell asleep.  There is a great body buzz and definitely a put-you-to-sleep kind of stoned.  My daughter woke me up to tell me I should go to my bed soon after, which I did.

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