Monday, July 6, 2015

Blue Dream - CannaSol

Brand: CannaSol
Strain: Blue Dream
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 23.6%  THC 23.6% CBD 0.1%

Harvested: 04/29/2015
Smoked: 07/02/2015

Packaging: 4"x3.5" mylar-back 10mil plastic tear-top zip-top bag
Cost: $15/gram

Do you see how frosty this marijuana is?  CannaSol knows what the fuck is up!  This is the Blue of my Dreams for sure!

Seriously, though.  These buds are flowing with sticky trichromes all over the place.  The moment these start to heat up you can taste the magic of it all.  The next time I have this, I'm vaping it so it heats up slowly and you get more flavor.

Right away the taste is almost shocking Blue with very clear, clean, crisp flavors and sensations all over the mouth on the inhale and a really delicious, satisfying clean Blue finish on a nasal exhale.

Not to be outdone are the massive, raucous orange hairs lacing these buds.  In between each nug on the bud, there were 4-5 very fragrant, super-thick orange hairs when they were opened.  Crushing these up released even more aroma.

In our new house, the downstairs air and the upstairs air don't mix well at all (I'm working on this now, trying to resolve this with some new fans being shipped).  My wife came down to my office when I was taking pictures - this is before I broke any buds up - and she goes "Oh wow that's skunky, I can smell it in the kitchen" (upstairs).  Even bacon doesn't travel from there to here.  That's how loud this smells.

Back in IL, where I lived before, I had a friend a few towns over who hooked me up.  I had to drive home in the family van, shitting bricks that everything would fall apart around me if I got pulled over and the cop smelled weed.  I took precautions, mind.  I have a couple StinkSacks and I would put that in a Dime Bags pipe-bag (I never carried my pipe with me anywhere, ever).  In the front pocket of that particular hemp bag, I shoved a satchet of potpourri.  After that, I would put that in my backpack, under the passenger seat, in a locking slide-out storage compartment.  

Now I walk home from the marijuana store that is 3 blocks away, happily looking at and smelling my weed.

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