Friday, July 31, 2015

Bubble Bomb ACO Vape - Green Brothers Farms

Brand: Green Brothers Farms
Concentrate: Bubble Bomb Alcohol Clear Oil Vape Clearomizer
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 78.2% THC 72.4% CBD 1.4% CBC 0.4% CBG 3.8%

Cost: $55/0.5g oil in clearomizer
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Harvest: 01/30/2015
Vaped: 07/29/2015

Packaging: 5.5" x 4" green plastic rip-top zip-top bag

Concentrates.  Vape.   Mmm.

I have not had many concentrates.  One of my co-budtenders dabbed me out for the first time ever on a rig just last weekend.  We had some outstanding Blueberry shatter from Noble Farms - it was concentrated from the same batch of which I reviewed the flower.  We used his outstanding little rig, Hellboy.

Having gotten a taste, I realized that this is a long way from the bubble hash I used to mix into bowls back in the early 2000s.  I'm definitely going to need to review quite a few different concentrates.

Now, simultaneously, I have been an e-cig vaper for over 2.5 years, and have a huge variety of mods and clearomizers and other mechanisms of vaping.  I also own a Magic Flight Launch Box, a Pax, and a couple flower vape 510 attachments. I definitely don't have anything that could be a rig to dab off of - so I went for a nice 510-connector vape.

Alcohol Clear Oil is a really new extraction method.  Green Brothers Farms uses pure grape alcohol to extract with, and since every extraction method leaves behind some bit of the solvent, it's definitely better to have alcohol as opposed to butane or propane.  So the thought process goes - and I agree with it.

While I don't have lots of experience with concentrates, I have lots of experience with getting high and with vaping.  As soon as I got this vape attached to my iTazte MVP 3.0, turned down to 9W, I took a monstrous rip.  Like 8 seconds of straight heavy duty, high-force lung hit.  It was delicious, and a hell of an experience.  The sharp flavor on exhale was amazing.

Then I started coughing.  Then I kept coughing.  For like a full minute.  When I stopped coughing, not only did I immediately understand why I had gotten so coughy, but I also understood immediately that I was fucking wrecked.

I started laughing, which made me cough a little more, but that made me realize how stoned I was.  I spent a good 10 minutes while the friend I was tasting with took a couple more prudent vapes than I had - but still monsters.

When I took those smaller, more prudent vapes, I was able get a great flavor and no cough-death.  This seems like it might be lightly flavored with the smallest little bit of candy flavoring.  Maybe.  It's a very limey lemon-lime.  On the inhale it's very lemony fresh, slightly sweet like a good concentrate should be, but then as soon as you finish the draw there's a very sharp lime hit that's just amazing.  It's entirely possible this is only flavored by the flowers that were concentrated.

Like any concentrate, it doesn't have intense effects for very long.  Legs on this were maybe 25 minutes, then the comedown was nice and mellow which lasted a good time, maybe another 45 minutes or hour or so.

The very first big session I believe I probably vaped a third of this 0.5 gram vape, and I got wasted.

The remaining two-thirds of this, I vaped much more lightly, taking two or three really small, 2 second vapes at a time, holding them deep.  I spaced these little vapes throughout the day and stayed just a moderate bit high all day, keeping it at like a [4] just with these tiny little vapes.

Well, suddenly, I got a dry hit.  I had done a bunch of these tiny little vapes and kept a little high on all day, but I'd vaped all the concentrates without getting really concentrate fucking stoned again!  What a knucklehead, I had flowers to get me an all day buzz, I should've partied hard with this oil.

The cartridge (more properly a clearomizer) itself is pretty high quality.  I've vaped e-cigs that were similar units. I'm fairly sure this is made of pyrex and steel - at least it's glass and steel - and seems to be a modification of a Kanger Evod with a single coil at 2.5Ω.  These are absolutely refillable with oil.  So long as you are gentle not to dislodge or break the coil and don't burn out the coil or burn the silica wicks, you should be fine.  Don't dry burn it!

$55 for a half gram of oil, from which I got really high once, then lots of little highs, on first glance seemed a bit silly to spend.  But thinking about it, I got some of the purest goddamn concentrate around.  It was tasty.  I made a conscious choice to vape it all day, and I rightly probably got as high as I would from a whole eighth of weed that day.  I was vaping it all day.  There was virtually no comedown from the little highs.  I smoke 2 grams some days and I still have lots of comedowns.  So for the high per dollar, I think I did well.

Not only that, I got a high quality clearomizer which I can fill with a whole gram of oil purchased by the 'tanker' for just $50.  Overall, this was as intense a value as it was a high.

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