Saturday, July 11, 2015

Chernobyl - Space Case Aeroponics

Brand: Space Case Aeroponics
Strain: Chernobyl
Sativa-dominant hybrid

Potency Analysis:  THC 17.1% CBD 0.2%

Harvested: 06/30/2015
Smoked: 07/10/2015

Packaging: 2 1/8"(D) x 1 3/8" clear plastic jar with white twist off lid
Cost: $15/gram
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

After I was so critical of the previous Space Case Aeroponics strain I smoked, Obama, I wanted to give another one of their products a try.  Honestly, I don't know that I took into account the fact that it is aeroponic - a relatively new, fairly niche growing method.   Different grow methods definitely provide a different experience. I got another gram, this time a seriously cerebral and energetic Sativa.

As it turns out, Space Case can produce purple pot.  A delicious, lightly-sweet flavored purple pot with a heady aroma that is almost sharp up close.  Close like nostril a hair's breadth from touching the weed.  You can see how this rich purple coloring is throughout the inner flower.  The rest is bright vibrant green - a limey kind of green.  Everything is densely coated with trichromes and in the center of each nug it's just a cluster of crystals.

Like the Obama, this smoked somewhat fast.  The size bowl I'd normally pack and get 3 decent sized hits out of I got two.  It seemed to burn up quickly, and there wasn't very much body to the smoke.  It was very thin and light - a quality my wife enjoys but I generally prefer a heavy, dense smoke.  At the least I don't want to ghost a normal hit.

The flavor is outstanding, and richer than I thought it would be.  This bud is sparkling, fruity sweet.  It's just a delicious smoke, I licked my lips several minutes after smoking and it tasted just as sweet.

The high was very shallow, but long lasting.  It was cerebral and I was attentive to the drudgery I was performing for a couple hours (gotta make a living somehow).  I was clear and had just the least bit of a body high.

I think the aeroponic method does have quite a big effect on the end product and the marijuana experience.  Some things - like a smoother, more mellow smoke and less body to the smoke are great for some people.  I could see this as a definitely medicinal vape for someone with a lung condition, or for anyone who can't handle thick clouds for whatever reason.  Thinner clouds also means less coughing.

Those same aspects of aeroponics are what make it less than ideal for me - I'm looking for other things in an ideal marijuana experience.  As I said before, my wife thinks the Obama is her new daily.


  1. I just smoked (water bong) same by Top Cut Farms (Clear Choice - Tacoma). Cannot argue with a single thing you've said. I am a fan of lime in all its forms: food, drink, soap, weed - this did not disappoint.. I also sought this out as part of my "go through all the Subcool strains" project I started with 9 Pound Hammer, my "desert island" strain.

    1. Right on! I'm glad you like the strain, I'm going to go for it again for sure - this time in a hydroponic grow to compare against.