Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cherry Pie - Artizen

Brand: Artizen
Strain: Cherry Pie
Indica-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 20.7% THC 20.4% CBD 0.3% THCA 0%

Harvested: 05/25/2015
Smoked: 07/11/2015

Packaging: 4.75"x3" clear plastic, mylar backed tear-open zip top
Cost: $15/gram
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

My wife and I were stocking up on a variety of grams to enjoy, and I was all over this Cherry Pie - I haven't enjoyed the strain yet but I've heard it's outstanding.  Artizen grew an amazing Grape Ape, so I figured they know how to hit those dark fruity strains.

When I ripped the top of this bag, my entire master area of my house - about 750 square feet of space with two doors - was filled with the potent and remarkable scent of this marijuana.  Inside the bag, with my nose down in there, it smelled almost artificial and chemically it was so complex and concentrated.  There was this deep, overwhelming sweetness to the smell of concentrated marijuana.   This weed must have sat packaged, stored somewhere in the heat - like a tin warehouse in the sun.  The weed probably began the very earliest parts of the decarboxylating process, releasing terpenes (the oils in marijuana that give it flavor and scent), thereby causing it to smell so much and so richly.

Mrs. Ent remarked, "That is the stickiest, ickiest we had since we've been here" and she's entirely right.  This shit is amazing.  The hairs on it are everywhere, literally every bit of this bud is covered in sticky, small trichromes.  

The grinder got all gummed up trying to break this down, I had to break this up with my fingers and the edge of a pocket knife until I got it to dry down a little more.

The first big hit of this was like a Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie without the crust.  An explosion of rich, fruity goodness.  The marijuana flavor was almost overwhelming it was so strong.  I couldn't exhale through my nose until the fourth or fifth hit because I kept taking massive hits - it just tasted too good to want to stop!  Nasally, the concentrated fruity sweetness persists.  The oils released by this marijuana were amazing, my lips tasted sweet and luscious afterward. 

The high was so ridiculously deep, and I was fully stoned.  I went walking with my dog and ended up mentally clear about 30 minutes in.  My body felt good and I felt a sense of well-being, but all mental effects of the marijuana were gone - and I still had a half hour of my walk left!  My wife also had a short, but very deep, high.  

To add to this experience we also simultaneously bought Cherry Pie Kush by Doc Croc which was very different, and a great side-by-side.  However, hands-down, Cherry Pie by Artizen wins.  Overall, for flavor and for juiciness I am enamored.  The high was quick, but good.  This is definitely a great marijuana experience and one I definitely will repeat.

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