Monday, July 20, 2015

Dynachem (Pre-rolled) - Honu

Brand: Honu
Strain: Dynachem
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 20.6% THC 0.75% CBD 0.09% THCA 18.9%

Harvested: 04/12/2015
Smoked: 07/19/2015

Packaging: 6"x1" clear plastic stickered tube
Cost: $15/1 gram net weight filtered conical joint
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

Dynachem.  Well, it could be a rework of the old DINACHEM strain from some early 2000s Cannabis Cup - basically Dinaseeds and Chemdog came up with a branded Chemdog strain.  It could also be some other excellent straining that just happens to have similar nomenclature - Dynamite perhaps?  This is one of the toughest parts about budtending or even just being a connoisseur - there's sometimes no rhyme or reason to the naming or the straining.  Sometimes an Indica-dominant will have hard Sativa effects, or vice versa.

Along that line, A tender gave this to me and a colleague this to taste and provide some feedback on.  The picture was not taken in anything like my normal environment, in full on daylight with the worst camera I own.  The tube ended up in my backpack with my ostensibly empty coffee mug... You can see the label stains disprove the emptiness.  If you're attentive, you may notice my Potency Analysis listing also does not match the label.  I feel the label has to be wrong, because you can't have more THCA than you do Total cannabinoids.

The joint itself has a strong, deep diesel smell, making me even more sure than this is a Chemdog based strain.  You'll note I don't spell it "Chemdawg" - first not only is "dawg" a stupid spelling, the people who created the strain - which in turn was a source of some amazing strains like Sour Diesel - spelled it "dog".  I'll only spell it Chemdawg if it's on some processor's label that way.

The joint started out with a pretty big run before it even got 1/8" from the tip.  So my buddy and I both tried to fix it.  It turned into a dead-spot and I've never seen a run like this.  I really wish I had snapped another picture of it - the run went from tip to filter, just a 1/16" on the seam of the paper that did not burn - almost like a wired paper, but definitely not.  We held our hands under it to make sure we didn't drop it in the vehicle but it never did.

The flavor on this was incredible - super fruit-like without being sweet or fruity, and it had a diesel scent but a raw, about-to-get-cut grass undertaste.  The aftertaste was decidedly chemical-citrus.  

Immediately upon finishing the joint, I was smacked with stoned.  This was the giggliest pot I've smoked in a decade.  I wanted to giggle and play and joke, and especially I wanted to S M I L E causes everything was great.  My friend and I ended up working together on a project for about 40 minutes and it was laughs and giggles all day.  Every time we made eye contact, we giggled ourselves a bit.  Meanwhile, we're both grown men, and I especially don't giggle.  When I laugh it sounds like mountains are angry, meanwhile here I am giggling.

This was an outstanding strain.  I felt uplifted and happy, and excited and energetic as hell.

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